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We bring you the best of industry insiders as well as cannabis icons!

Anna Serin

Director of Listings Development, CSE

Henry Rollins

Keynote Speaker

Jamie Shaw

GroundWork Consulting

Kirk Tousaw

Tousaw Law Corporation

Justin Meiklem

VP Sales & Marketing, Stockhouse Publishing

Robert Laurie

Ad Lucem Law

Drake Sutton-Shearer

CEO and Founder, PRØHBTD Media

Yasmin Gordon

Senior Investment Advisor, Canaccord

Scott Van Rixel

Founder, Bhang Corporation

Ngaio Bealum

ICBC Master of Ceremonies

Mary Patton

Nutopia Cannabis Consulting

Clint Younge

CEO, MMJ Canada

Gregg Steinberg

CEO, Growcentia

Liz Blaz

Phylos, Relationship Manager

Paul Pedersen

Co-Founder & CEO NextLeaf Solutions

Derek Riedle


Josh Holleb

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Hilary Black

Director of Patient Education and Advocacy, Canopy Growth

George Robinson

RavenQuest BioMed

Terry Roycroft


Jason Rhude

PRØHBTD, Director of Brand Partnerships

Emanuel Kotzian


James Munro

Partner, McMillan LLP

Jared Berry

CEO, CBDNaturals®

Dr. Anthony Holler

Chairman & CEO, Sunniva

Rosy Mondin

President and CEO, Quadron Cannatech Corporation

Marcus Richardson


Barinder Rasode


Nic Easley

CEO, C3 Consulting

Dr. Philippe Henry, PhD

Director, R&D, Flowr

Dr. Darryl Hudson, PhD

Co-Founder, InPlanta Biotechnology

Andrea Dobbs

Co-Founder & Acting COO, Bloomer

Mat Beren

Owner, House of the Great Gardener

Olivier Dufourmantelle

COO, Canopy Rivers

George Scorsis

Liberty Health Sciences

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    There aren’t many elected officials working as hard to implement sensible cannabis policies than Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley these days. Unlike a lot of politicians, Merkley isn’t just jumping on the bandwagon after seeing poll after poll showing strong voter backing, he was the first United States Senator to endorse a legalization measure when he...

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  • Hedge Funds, Other Big Money Sources, Embracing Cannabis

    With Canada legalizing cannabis this October 17th, and the United States making progress on the issue, we can expect more and more big money to pour into the marijuana market. Currently, hedge funds like Navy Capital Green Fund are leading the charge, while more institutional sources, such as mutual funds are currently staying clear of the...

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  • High Times Lists Top Ten Portland Cannabis Retail Stores

    With a history of being cannabis friendly and 175 licensed retail stores as of July 6, 2018, Portland, Oregon, is one of the best places to acquire ganja in the entire world. With a surplus* of cannabis logged into the states seed/clone-to-sale retail tracking system, prices have dropped to dramatic levels with plenty of stores...

  • Border War: Americans Set to Invade Canada…for Cannabis

    Rightwing provocateur Alex Jones recently received some well-deserved ridicule for claiming that American liberals were going to start a Second Civil War this past July 4th, a prediction that, of course, went up in flames. Even with that caveat, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict an American invasion of Canada on October 17th...