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The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is the preeminent cannabis industry event series on earth. No other event series on the planet combines cannabis policy, industry, and networking opportunities like the ICBC. Our events have been attended by entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 80 nations! Join us at an upcoming event in San Francisco, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, and Vancouver (BC).


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Invest Capital, Seek Capital

The ICBC Global Investment Forum was created to provide an exclusive gathering place of accredited investors and Europe’s leading cannabis companies looking for investment. We offer access to a the up-and-coming leaders in the Euro cannabis space, and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with the capital they need for growth.

We will be announcing dates soon for our flagship event.

  • The UK’s Medical Cannabis Program Is Clearly Insufficient

    The UK’s Medical Cannabis Program Is Clearly Insufficient

    When it comes to medical cannabis reform, the United Kingdom has been behind the curve. Whereas a number of other countries have legalized cannabis for medical use in a comprehensive way, and two countries have even legalized cannabis for adult use, the UK has dragged its feet. Eighteen months ago the UK legalized cannabis oil […]


  • Where Is Cannabis Reform In Sweden?

    Where Is Cannabis Reform In Sweden?

    The mix of cannabis reform and Europe’s Nordic social democracies is a strange one. Philosophies about things like prison sentences and social systems, let alone education and healthcare, are decidedly more liberal if not “left” than almost any other place in the world in Scandinavia. The region consists of three countries – Denmark, Norway and […]


  • Most Canadian Patients Obtaining Cannabis In Recreational Or Unregulated Markets

    Most Canadian Patients Obtaining Cannabis In Recreational Or Unregulated Markets

    Despite all the reform in Canada, it appears that long-standing issues for patients have not been solved. Indeed, according to a recent poll that only verified the situation has not changed much in the last year, most Canadian patients are turning to either recreational outlets or the black market for their medication post recreational reform. […]


  • “The ICBC was an extraordinarily energized and positive event. Those in attendance will be changing perception and acceptance of cannabis. This is the beginning of something great.”

    Henry Rollins

  • “I found this conference to be one of the most comprehensive; there were talks on cannabis, social justice, human rights and science.”

    Dr. Carl Hart, PhD

  • “I have only three words for this conference: Best Conference Ever!”

    Andrew Sullivan, The Dish

  • “The ICBC in San Francisco was an eye opening experience for me. I learned more in the one day of ICBC than in 5 years of poking around this business of cannabis. Can’t wait to go to Oregon for my next lesson.”

    John Salley, NBA Champion


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