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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin 2021

What Are The Best Cannabis Events In Germany?

It is an extremely exciting time to be a cannabis enthusiast. Thanks to the hard work of countless cannabis activists, cannabis reform continues to spread across the planet. Cannabis is now legally accessible for medical and/or adult-use purposes in more jurisdictions than ever before since the dawn...

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Zimbabwe Continues Shift From Tobacco To Cannabis

Cannabis reform is spreading across the African continent, albeit in a slower fashion compared to most other continents. Many countries in Africa are at least exploring medical cannabis reform. In the case of South Africa, adult-use legalization appears to be on the way soon. African nations have...

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The Coming Vape Invasion Of Europe

The cannabis vape market is about to take off in the aftermath of last fall’s decision that CBD is not a narcotic. It is not just the recent business news that Kanabo is upgrading its British CBD facilities to EU GMP that is heralding what is likely to be a vape explosion across Europe by this...

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ICBC International Cannabis Business Conference

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