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Cannabis Legalization in Canada has Global Implications

The historic vote by the Canadian Senate to pass the Cannabis Act (C-45) yesterday, setting up Canada to become the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis and the first nation to end prohibition for all adults within its borders, energized reform activists around the world. The Canadian cannabis community will now wait 8 to 12…

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National Review Conservative Backs the STATES Act

cannabis plant

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Theodore Kupfer, or any conservative, writing for the National Review supports cannabis legalization, especially a states’ rights position on the issue. After all, states’ rights’ is a traditional conservative political value and supporting legalization has never been more popular. National Review founder William F. Buckley supported ending marijuana…

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A Conversation with CBD Naturals® Founder Jared Berry

cbd naturals hemp rain

As we’ve seen cannabis go mainstream, the cannabidiol, known best as CBD, has gone even more mainstream as the cannabinoid’s medical benefits, and lack of psychoactive effect, have brought CBD into favor with folks across demographics. With CBD’s acceptance dramatically increasing, the CBD market is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020. We can…

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PRØHBTD Building Cannabis Brands at the ICBC after $8M Raise

PRØHBTD, a media startup that has helped bring cannabis brands, and the culture overall, into the mainstream has just announced a successful $8 million fundraise to continue helping cannabis businesses while also producing its own original content. While PRØHBTD’s focus is the cannabis culture, the media company has expanded beyond just cannabis, creating unique cultural…

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Canada Should Grant Amnesty for Cannabis Convictions

Canadian Parliament

Legalizing cannabis will bring more jobs, revenue, and freedom to Canada. Article after article has been written, and will continue to be written, about the economic benefits of cannabis commerce. Money talks in society and politicians, bureaucrats, and voters pay a lot of attention to the financial gains created by the burgeoning industry. However, for activists…

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Happy 4/20 Holiday Weekend – Let’s Legalize Cannabis!


Happy 4/20! From all the folks at the International Cannabis Business Conference, to all our cannabis supporting brothers and sisters around the planet, we hope you are having a safe happy holiday today! We hope you are able to enjoy this time with your loved ones. While you celebrate, please remember that many people across…

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After Another Successful Berlin Event, the ICBC Heads to Vancouver, Canada

Canadians at the ICBC Berlin

The second annual International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin showcased both how far Germany’s cannabis community has progressed over the past year as well as the growth that it needs. The medical cannabis patient community has grown virtually exponentially after changes to the law have allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis the same as they would…

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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin Program Starts Today!


Today is the day!! The International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin has begun! Last night’s VIP party with philosopher and cultural icon Henry Rollins kicked off the beginning of Europe’s biggest and best B2B cannabis conference. Today begins two days of the most important business networking, with the world’s leading cannabis experts, happening in the…

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And the Winner is….CANNABIS! Estonians Fly Their Leaf Flag

Estonian cannabis leaf flag

The former Soviet State of Estonia has been reorganizing its governing structures lately. Amongst the administrative reforms, the three municipalities of Kanepi, Kolleste, and Valgjarve merged into one new municipality simply called Kanepi. Kanepi, it would seem, is the Estonian word for cannabis. (And I thought I was cool because I lived on Stoney Drive…

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