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Politico: Patients Pushing for Medical Cannabis Across the EU

Medical marijuana doctor

Countries all across Europe have been making great strides in improving their medical cannabis laws, with the UK and Greece being the most recent nations to implement medicinal programs, following in the footsteps Germany and the Netherlands. Luxembourg has raised the stakes by announcing intentions to join Canada and Uruguay as ending cannabis prohibition for…

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ICBC Barcelona to Give 20K to European Cannabis Company

The International Cannabis Business Conference has already established itself as the premier global industry event in just four short years with conferences from North America’s West Coast to the heart of the European Union. The ICBC is taking its networking and informational conference to another level by hosting pitch events during its program, awarding businesses…

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Happy Thanksgiving from the ICBC!

Happy Thanksgiving

After decades of Reefer Madness prohibition, the cannabis community has had to endure decades of persecution and prosecutions. After so many advocates dedicated their lives and sacrificed for freedom, the tables have now turned and the marijuana movement has never been more powerful. We have a lot to be thankful for even as we have…

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First U.S. Cannabis Company Authorized To Operate In the EU


November 15th was an interesting day in the European cannabis space. Not only did the German cultivation bid go into another delay, but the first U.S. company finally cracked the European Union market. Columbia Care LLC, a top medical cannabis company based in the U.S. announced that its license had been approved by Malta Enterprise….

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Rep. Joe Kennedy III Now Supports Cannabis Descheduling

Joe Kennedy III

Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III, chosen by the Democrats to respond to Donald Trump’s previous State of the Union address, has been seen as a rising star of the Democratic Party and a potential presidential candidate in the future. While the last name Kennedy automatically increases your clout within Democratic circles, Kennedy’s opposition to cannabis…

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Danish Cannabis Pilot Program Reaching End of First Year, A Model for Others to Follow

Marijuana buds in hand

While it has gotten decidedly less English-speaking press than other countries in Europe on the front edge of cannabis reform, Denmark’s pilot four-year cannabis program is chugging along nicely and can help provide a model for other European Union nations. The four-year program was authorized to begin on January 1, 2018. Major Canadian cannabis companies…

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German Cannabis Association Hosting Cannabis Normal! in Berlin this November 16-17

Cannabis Normal!

The German Cannabis Association (Deutscher Hanfverband or DHV) is Germany’s largest lobbying group working to end cannabis prohibition in the European powerhouse. Germany has experienced great success reforming cannabis laws recently, implementing one of the globe’s best medical cannabis system (including insurance coverage!), and the DHV is working hard to continue the momentum with the Cannabis…

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Francis Ford Coppola Is the Latest Star to Join Cannabis Industry

Francis Ford Coppola Wines

Celebrities like Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and Snoop Dogg, that haven’t been shy about their love of cannabis aren’t shocking too many people when they join the cannabis industry. Musician Melissa Etheridge and former NBA great Clifford Robinson have been honest about their medical use, so they weren’t too surprising either. But the Oscar-winning director…

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Cannabis Tourism in Greece – The “Nevada” of Europe?


As cannabis firms divvy up the cannabis production map of continental Europe, a new player on the Eurocannabis scene is starting to make waves. If not establish itself. As of October 9, Greece has now issued its first medical production license. The Greek government has, as a result, now issued cultivation permission to the intriguingly…

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Toronto Stock Exchange Celebrates Cannabis Stocks

Canadian flag with cannabis leaves

Whenever a company or industry reaches some type of milestone of sorts, ringing the opening bell can be a rite of passage and a demonstration of legitimacy. “You’ve made it now,” or “Good on you,” are the messages ringing the ceremonial bell signifies. Today, on the historic that Canada ended cannabis prohibition, the Toronto Stock…

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