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Science Will Decide The Winners Of The Spannabis Champions Cup


Cannabis competitions often involve a large amount of subjectivity. The cannabis community has long needed a cannabis competition that is dedicated to objectivity and science. That is why the Spannabis Champions Cup has organized a competition in which the winner will be decided by science alone. The rules of the cannabis competition are very straightforward.

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These are truly exciting times for all things cannabis. Cannabis policy reform is sweeping the globe, the cannabis industry is growing at an epic rate, and major cannabis culture news is occurring at an increasing pace. It can be very difficult to stay up-to-date on everything that is happening in the cannabis world with so

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The Race To Conquer Cannabis Europe

Author: Marguerite Arnold Canadian canna-businesses have had a giant head start, but they do not have a monopoly on international cannabis supply or the supply chain. And competition is on the horizon as a slew of newly budded cannabis companies are targeting Europe. These newbies, mainly from Thailand and South Africa (and possibly Israel) are

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Canadian Cannabis Company to Open Retail Herb House in Jamaica

The international cannabis industry is getting more interconnected than ever before and Canadians are still leading the way while other nation’s policies are still trying to catch up. Canada’s progressive national policies, while still needing some fine-tuning, have allowed its cannabis companies to make moves around the globe that others simply cannot make. Canadian companies

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ICBC Vancouver Features a Yacht After Party Headlined by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill!

DJ Muggs After Party

The International Cannabis Business Conference returns to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this September 15-16, with our trademark blend of business, politics, and culture. If you want the latest information on rules and regulations in Canada and around the world and to network with top investors, entrepreneurs, and advocates, the ICBC is THE industry event

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Canada Has Seen a 40% Increase in Cannabis Consumption

Canadian flag

Canada has clearly been a global cannabis industry leader since it first legalized medical use in 2001 a trend that has only grown as the country became the first G7 nation to regulate cannabis commerce for adults last year. The expansion of the Great White North’s international impact has not only coincided with its progressive

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The Church of England to Invest in Medical Cannabis

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England has rarely been invaded by anyone or anything. In fact the last invasion of note happened in 1066 (see William the Conqueror). However when it comes to cannabis, no place is immune to the growing awareness that the great Prohibition of the last 100 years is finally coming to an end. Cannabis has gone

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