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Happy 4/20 Holiday Weekend – Let’s Legalize Cannabis!


Happy 4/20! From all the folks at the International Cannabis Business Conference, to all our cannabis supporting brothers and sisters around the planet, we hope you are having a safe happy holiday today! We hope you are able to enjoy this time with your loved ones. While you celebrate, please remember that many people across…

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After Another Successful Berlin Event, the ICBC Heads to Vancouver, Canada

Canadians at the ICBC Berlin

The second annual International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin showcased both how far Germany’s cannabis community has progressed over the past year as well as the growth that it needs. The medical cannabis patient community has grown virtually exponentially after changes to the law have allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis the same as they would…

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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin Program Starts Today!


Today is the day!! The International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin has begun! Last night’s VIP party with philosopher and cultural icon Henry Rollins kicked off the beginning of Europe’s biggest and best B2B cannabis conference. Today begins two days of the most important business networking, with the world’s leading cannabis experts, happening in the…

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And the Winner is….CANNABIS! Estonians Fly Their Leaf Flag

Estonian cannabis leaf flag

The former Soviet State of Estonia has been reorganizing its governing structures lately. Amongst the administrative reforms, the three municipalities of Kanepi, Kolleste, and Valgjarve merged into one new municipality simply called Kanepi. Kanepi, it would seem, is the Estonian word for cannabis. (And I thought I was cool because I lived on Stoney Drive…

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German Police Association Wants Legal Cannabis


“In the history of mankind there has never been a society without the use of drugs; this is something that has to be accepted.” Those words were uttered earlier this week by none other than one of Germany’s top cops, Andre Schulz to a major German news publication, in reference to the public announcement recently…

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ICBC & Others Supporting Opportunities in Cannabis for People of Color in California

cannabis plant

Issues of race remain at the top of civic priorities for parties espousing both progressive and regressive policies. Right now, the United States is arguably working through one of its most heated “Come to Jesus” moments about institutional inequality and behaviors of bigotry. A huge part of the discussion for the end of cannabis prohibition…

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Cannabis Movement Leader Debby Goldsberry to Speak at International Cannabis Business Conference

Debby Goldsberry

Anyone interested in starting and running a business needs to become an expert in the many different aspects that constitute successful entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and running a cannabis business needs to know these things – and a WHOLE LOT MORE. If you have been looking what your options are for jumping into the…

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California’s Countdown to Cannabis

Marijuana buds in hand

It’s all happening…IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! This weekend marks the last Friday and Saturday (okay, Sunday, too you everyday smokers) when California adults will have to worry about calling themselves criminals when spark up at parties, shows, or other spaces of entertainment. Monday, January 1st, 2018 marks the age of a new era – that of…

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