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8-9 JULY 2021


  • 8:45

    ICBC Conference Overview

Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference, welcomes conference attendees and provides an overview of the conference schedule, including the panels and speakers that will be providing presentations and interviews.

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers

  • 9:00

    Keynote TBA

  • 9:30

    Germany and Europe Medical Cannabis Regulations Update

The latest and most important information regarding cannabis regulations in Europe

Peter Homberg, a partner at Dentons Law Firm, will provide a thorough update regarding medical cannabis regulations and trends in Germany and Europe. Topics will include supply and demand in Germany and Europe, the German tender process regarding national cultivation of medical cannabis, cannabis exports/imports, price models, and potential harmonization of cannabis products within the EU.

Peter Homburg

Peter Homburg

  • 10:45

    State of Germany's Cannabis Markets

Cannabis for sale - the state of Europe's leading market

Juergan Neumeyer of Cannabiswirtschaft will provide forward-looking insight and analysis of the German cannabis market and potential opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. Topics of focus will include domestic production, purchasing trends, and CBD. Mr. Neumeyer will also discuss the current state of cannabis politics in Germany.

Jürgen Neumeyer

Jürgen Neumeyer

  • 11:15

    Focus on the Cannabis Pharmacy

Pharmacies are the backbone of Germany's cannabis industry

Four years after the introduction of medical cannabis in Germany the market continues to develop rapidly, and pharmacies and patients often struggle to keep up due to regulatory shortcomings and unnecessary restrictions. Pharmacies continue to serve as the main distributors of medical cannabis in Germany. This panel will discuss Germany's current distribution model, ways to improve performance and supply, and how adult-use cannabis legalization may impact medical cannabis distribution.

  • 11:45

    German Distribution and Import and Sales

Obtaining shelf space in the marketplace

The German medical cannabis market is one of the most valuable in the world - but unique challenges exist in navigating it successfully. Learn from the experts about what it takes to get your cannabis and products into the market and what leads to ongoing sales strategies that work.

  • 12:15

    European CBD Industry and Policy Update

The most important information that you need to know about CBD regulations

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride for companies selling and developing CBD products – from the EU officially considering CBD as a narcotic to its highest court ruling that is exactly not a narcotic. Now the trend points to the liberalization of CBD regulation, which provides new opportunities for those companies but also opens up some new challenges. So where is the CBD market going? How does regulation still need to be reformed? How can providers of CBD products in pharmaceutical quality position themselves?

  • 13:00


  • 14:15

    Homogenizing the Cannabis Industry Regulatory Environment

Streamlining rules and regulations in the midst of an evolving industry

The international industry requires homogenization of standards to continue to flourish. This includes between continents, but it also includes regions like Europe, and after federal reform, the United States. How does the industry achieve this in an environment where legalization is still moving forward at different stages of maturity, and where to start?

  • 14:45

    GMP - What Does This Really Mean?

Harmonization of global medical standards through the eyes of cannabusiness experts

GMP homogenization is one of the largest issues facing the international medical and increasingly recreational market. In Europe, this issue is a front burner discussion, especially for those firms wishing to import into the German market - however it is a major issue everywhere. What are the problems seen by consultants and regulators as GMP regulations fail across borders?

  • 15:15

    Understanding Novel Food

Bringing new and innovative cannabis food products to the EU

What is "Novel Food" legislation and how are companies today in Europe and UK successfully finding a path to market within this stricture? What are the outstanding issues and how will this also affect the recreational THC market in Switzerland and Luxembourg as of next year?

  • 16:00


Protecting your concept in a hyper-competitive industry

Intellectual property law (trademarks/domain names/patents/copyrights/trade secrets) in the international cannabis industry have never been more important – and now more subject to lawsuits – than ever before. This panel will provide an overview of some of the key IP issues that cannabis operators and investors throughout the world are grappling with today.


  • 10:00

    Cannabis Biotechnology - Revolutionizing Europe's Cannabis Industry

Biotechnology is revolutionizing Europe's cannabis industry

Cannabis is entering the world of not only big pharma but the world of "bio-tech." As reform begins to unleash the ability of researchers to incorporate cannabinoids into their work, new discoveries are beginning to come fast and furious. An overview of what these are beginning to be.

  • 10:30

    Doing Business Internationally

Making a global splash in the emerging international cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is now fully international. Biomass and products are being shipped globally. However, this is one of the most difficult and complicated parts of the entire industry. Learn from the experts what it takes to enter the international industry and what the biggest challenges still are in shipping cannabinoids across borders.

  • 11:15

    Emerging Markets

Which markets in Europe have the most potential and opportunity?

Add cannabis to emerging market dynamics and you have the recipe for economic development on steroids. Learn from the experts about what is going on in places like Poland, Greece and other emerging markets that are also on the brink of cannabis reform.

  • 12:15

    Medical Cannabis Education

Reducing the stigma of a proven medicine

Doctor education has finally started to come to Europe - but what exactly does this mean? Beyond doctors however, what else is necessary from the industry to change perceptions of the plant and cannabinoid medicines - and at all levels - from national governments to municipal leaders, not to mention patients, insurers, and regulators?

  • 13:00


  • 14:00

    Road to Legalization

What will cannabis legalization look like in Germany?

Germany is at the brink of getting a new government, and the word is that it will most probably include the Green Party. Therefore, the perspectives for the legalization of recreational Cannabis use have never been better than now. But if so – then how? Most probably Germany would start with at least some kind of pilot projects like distribution via pharmacies and then end up in some highly regulated market. So, what are the role models for legalization German lawmakers look at? What can Cannabis companies expect? And how should they prepare for it?

  • 14:30

    Cannabis Technology

Revolutionizing an Emerging Industry

CannaTech - Technology and cannabis are continuing to merge - in Europe this continues to be influenced by digital healthcare. What are some of the bigger issues across the European and British cannatech space as well as companies who are stepping up to meet the challenge

  • 15:15

    Being A Voice For The Cannabis Industry

Making sure that the industry has a seat at the table

New cannabis rules, regulations, and laws are being crafted all over the globe right now, and in jurisdictions where the cannabis industry is already allowed to legally operate policy updates are being drafted and implemented on an ongoing basis. It is absolutely vital that the emerging cannabis industry has a voice in every policy discussion to ensure that the industry's concerns and needs are properly conveyed to policymakers and industry regulators. This panel of cannabis lobbying experts will discuss the importance of cannabis industry lobbying as well as provide guidance and tips regarding how to be an effective lobbyist.

  • 16:00

    Data and Analysis

Gaining mathematical insight into trends and opportunities

Data and Analysis - If data is the new oil, what does this mean for the cannabis industry? Whose data, ultimately, is legitimate if not represents the market properly in a world where reform is still coming in fits and starts? What are the numbers to actually go by? Listen to analysts and others who talk about teasing the truth from the data that is available and understanding the big picture of where both the overall industry is as well as regional markets.

  • 16:30

    Marketing and Media

Getting positive attention for your innovative concepts

Cannabis marketing as well as media remains in an interesting place - although reform is clearly beginning to trickle through on the CBD side of the discussion. Learn from the experts about the new rules, what can be said (and not) where and most certainly when. When it is it ok to advertise and when? Is social media still off limits? And what are the regional differences in approaches region to region?


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