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Canada Finalizes Cannabis Edibles, Extracts, & Concentrates Regulations

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Health Canada recently released its final regulations regarding the sale of cannabis-infused edibles, extracts, and concentrates, finally starting to open an expected $2.7 billion dollar business sector this December. Of course, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this September 15-16 will have the latest crucial information and tips for industry participants. Prioritizing public safety,…

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The Church of England to Invest in Medical Cannabis

English Flag

England has rarely been invaded by anyone or anything. In fact the last invasion of note happened in 1066 (see William the Conqueror). However when it comes to cannabis, no place is immune to the growing awareness that the great Prohibition of the last 100 years is finally coming to an end. Cannabis has gone…

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Declining Profits Bringing Beer Companies Into the Cannabis Industry

Recognizing the growth of the burgeoning cannabis industry is enough to bring a lot of companies, entrepreneurs, and investors into the business sector, but beer sellers have an additional reason to join-decreasing profits. The fact that their decreasing profits may be occurring directly because of legalization has many beer execs deciding that if they can’t…

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Cannabis Companies Hiring and Paying More Than Other Industries


With Illinois becoming the 11th state to legalize cannabis, Delaware inching forward to becoming #12, and New Jersey and New York on the verge of ending prohibition, it is easy to see that the cannabis industry is growing across the United States. The growth of the sector is also aided by more medical measures passing…

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Canadian Craft Cannabis Leader Pasha Brands Acquires Producer & Processor

Pasha Brands

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has a long and deserved reputation as a pioneering cannabis leader. Sensible policies and a progressive culture have fostered a welcoming place for the cannabis community, providing the foundation for legalization across the Great White North and influencing positive reforms in the United States and worldwide. Unfortunately, navigating the new regulatory…

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Cannabis Sparks a U.S.-Canadian War for Top Employees

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Canada has gotten a head start on legalization, but the United States is catching up with Illinois becoming the 11th state to end cannabis prohibition. The Great White North has the advantage of a sensible federal policy that allows provides regular banking services to the industry, access to capital, and the ability to transport to…

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