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These are truly exciting times for all things cannabis. Cannabis policy reform is sweeping the globe, the cannabis industry is growing at an epic rate, and major cannabis culture news is occurring at an increasing pace. It can be very difficult to stay up-to-date on everything that is happening in the cannabis world with so

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The U.S. House Passed A Cannabis Banking Bill – What Happens Next?


Today was a truly historic day in the United States House of Representatives. The full chamber passed, for the first time ever, a stand-alone cannabis reform bill. The bill is the SAFE Banking Act (H.R. 1595). In its current form the bill would: Prevent federal banking regulators from punishing banks for working with state-legal cannabis

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Report: U.S. House To Vote On Cannabis Banking Bill This Week

U.S. Congress

The SAFE Banking Act would reform federal law to allow for better access to the nation’s financial system for cannabis companies. Many cannabis companies have had their assets frozen and/or accounts closed simply because they were involved in the cannabis industry. Other cannabis companies were unable to open an account in the first place due

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Is Cannabis A Constitutional Question?

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As the discussion about cannabis access in Europe continues to progress, albeit slowly, based on the legislative mandates of lawmakers and regulatory policies driven by medical efficacy, there is an additional conversation afoot. Namely, is the right to access affordable medical cannabis actually something more fundamental? In two countries, Canada and Mexico, this is the

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Thai Surprise: Country Warned By International Bodies Over Cannabis Liberalization Plans

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For all of its enthusiastic entry into the legal cannabis space of late, Thailand has also caught the attention of international regulators (specifically the International Narcotics Control Board INCB). In fact, the agency recently issued a warning to the government to go slow when it comes to bucking a century of prohibition. Thailand has already

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Multiple Trump Administration Officials Speak Out Against Cannabis

Officials with the Trump administration spoke out against cannabis this week. First, the United States Surgeon General issued an advisory warning about the harms of cannabis consumption. “The legalization movement may be impacting youth perception of harm from marijuana,” the advisory stated. The advisory was largely directed at pregnant women and adolescents and its publication will

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