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Canada’s Cannabis Rollout Possibly Delayed, Perhaps the Cartels Can Help

Canadian cannabis flag

Canadian legislators hemmed and hawed this week when their country’s Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor suggested that retail sales for cannabis should take another eight to 12 weeks following royal assent for their cannabis legalization bill, Bill C-45. (Royal assent is a formality of Canadian law, and of other countries which recognize a monarchy, whereby…

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Cannabis Patients’ Gun Rights Threatened in Germany

marijuana prescription

In the United States, North and South are generally divided between the ideologies of liberal and conservative. Occasionally this pattern repeats itself in other locations. One of those is Germany, where the mountains and forests of Bavaria in the south have kept a more insular culture throughout the centuries, where you will find more rustic…

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German Police Association Wants Legal Cannabis


“In the history of mankind there has never been a society without the use of drugs; this is something that has to be accepted.” Those words were uttered earlier this week by none other than one of Germany’s top cops, Andre Schulz to a major German news publication, in reference to the public announcement recently…

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San Francisco and San Diego to Expunge Cannabis Convictions, ICBC Will Cover the Latest Developments

Marijuana Justice

Creating jobs and generating revenue garner most of the media headlines, but the most important aspect of legalizing cannabis is simply freedom. A war has been waged upon nonviolent cannabis consumers, a war that has cost too many resources and needlessly ruined lives. Ending criminal penalties against those that choose to consume marijuana is the…

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ICBC & Others Supporting Opportunities in Cannabis for People of Color in California

cannabis plant

Issues of race remain at the top of civic priorities for parties espousing both progressive and regressive policies. Right now, the United States is arguably working through one of its most heated “Come to Jesus” moments about institutional inequality and behaviors of bigotry. A huge part of the discussion for the end of cannabis prohibition…

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Attend the ICBC in San Francisco NEXT WEEK!

Lori Ajax

Next week, on February 1st, the Bay Area event of the year kicks off with International Cannabis Business Conference‘s VIP Reception Networking Party! You love cannabis, you love parties, and you love making money while making the world a better place. As always, ICBC delivers. This year’s San Francisco VIP party brings the original cannabis…

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Pressure Increases on California Lawmakers to Fight the Feds for Cannabis


There’s no question that right now things are very heated in Washington, D.C., particularly for representatives from western states which vote heavily Democrat and definitely are not fans of Donald Trump. A lot of discussion has occurred around asserting states’ rights in the face of environmental de-regulation and other causes states such as California, Oregon,…

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