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Watch ICBC MC Ngaio Bealum on Netflix’s Cooking on High


The International Cannabis Business Conference is designed to help those in the industry thrive and providing important information and key networking opportunities are a heart of the success of the ICBC. However, keeping people engaged and entertained is also a very important element. Helping vault the ICBC into global prominence has been cannabis comic and activist, Ngaio Bealum, who handles much of the MC duties, helping keep the conference on task with the right questions and answers as well as providing some insight and laughs along the way. You can see Ngaio MC the ICBC in Vancouver this June 24th-25th and you can see him on Netflix’s “Cooking on High,” hosted by YouTube star Josh Levya, right freaking now.

I got a chance to ask Ngaio how he got selected for the show:

“I really have no idea how I got selected for the show. One day I had an email asking if I would like to be involved, and a few weeks later, I’m in Los Angeles chilling on the set. Lucky me because the show is great. It’s funny, informative, and fast-paced,” answered Bealum.

On why folks should check out the show:

“Each episode is only 15 minutes so you can binge watch the whole season in one good smoke session. I think Ramon Rivas is hilarious and Mod Sun is a madman, but in a good way. Also, Vince Royale is a wild card and the food is top notch! Andrea Drummer hosts fancy ass cannabis-infused dinner parties all over LA. Some of the chefs have been on Chopped, so we have top-notch talent and top-shelf weed. When you have good weed, good, food, you can’t go wrong.”

Normally, I don’t watch too many cooking shows because they just make me hungry, but I had to check out “Cooking on High” to support my man Ngaio and, if the first episode is any indication, the show is hilarious. Spoiler alert: Ngaio first makes his appearance on the show as the resident ganja guru bringing in some beautiful Girl Scout Cookies buds for the competing chefs to utilize in their “afternoon delight” lunchtime dishes. Everyone on the show is having a good time and the vibe is contagious.

Anyone that has hung out with Ngaio knows that the man is hilarious, warm-hearted, knows his cannabis, and is just a blast to chill with. Give “Cooking on High” a shot, cannabis community and you’ll laugh and you might be inspired to take your culinary skills to a higher level. Warning: this Netflix show may induce a serious case of the munchies.

Check out Ngaio Bealum right now on “Cooking on High” on Netflix, follow him on Twitter, and see him at the International Cannabis Business Conference this June 24th-25th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

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