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Cannabis Canada Council Formed to Represent the Regulated Canadian Industry

Cannabis Canada Council

Everyone involved with a licensed and regulated cannabis industry quickly understands that ending prohibition was only a part of the battle. Legalizing is a huge challenge, but implementing proper rules and regulations is an even bigger obstacle. Keeping barriers to entry reasonable and affordable, establishing effective testing standards, protecting the existing medical program, and defeating…

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After Another Successful Berlin Event, the ICBC Heads to Vancouver, Canada

Canadians at the ICBC Berlin

The second annual International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin showcased both how far Germany’s cannabis community has progressed over the past year as well as the growth that it needs. The medical cannabis patient community has grown virtually exponentially after changes to the law have allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis the same as they would…

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German Trade Association Leads the Way for Cannabis Legalization


The German Cannabis Association (Deutscher Hanfverband or DHV) is Germany’s largest lobbying group working to legalize cannabis. Germany has experienced great success, largely decriminalizing cannabis across the nation (although rules vary across the country) and implementing one of the world’s most progressive medical programs, but the DHV isn’t done yet. Led by activist Georg Wurth,…

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San Francisco and San Diego to Expunge Cannabis Convictions, ICBC Will Cover the Latest Developments

Marijuana Justice

Creating jobs and generating revenue garner most of the media headlines, but the most important aspect of legalizing cannabis is simply freedom. A war has been waged upon nonviolent cannabis consumers, a war that has cost too many resources and needlessly ruined lives. Ending criminal penalties against those that choose to consume marijuana is the…

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Sessions Can’t Stop Cannabis Investment, Learn Latest at the ICBC in San Francisco

cannabis grown by Cannafornia

When Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he was going to allow federal prosecutors to enforce federal marijuana law, even in states where cannabis is legal under state law, my initial reaction was that this move would have a chilling effect on investors. Initially, my fear was realized as marijuana stocks suffered a dramatic…

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Top Cannabis CTO Explains How to Roll Over 5 Million Pre-Rolls in a Year

marijuana buds and joints

This article by Oscar Pascual was originally published by Smell The Truth: As cannabis smoking accessories become more advanced and hi-tech, there’s nothing that beats a well-rolled joint. The success of Wagner Dimas, Inc. is living proof. The company, co-founded by CTO Mitchell Wagner, developed a platform that led to the manufacturing of over 5 million…

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Jeff Sessions Fallout: Dana Rohrabacher Interviewed

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in an attempt to stifle the cannabis legalization movement by repealing the Obama Administration’s Cole Memo (along with the lesser-known Ogden and Wilkinson Memos), has actually energized the reform movement and he is now taking political fire from both sides of the political aisle. One of the AG’s leading critics is…

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Cannabis Commerce in California Means Regulatory Compliance


The early lines at newly-licensed California cannabis retail outlets are just a preview of the vast economic opportunities available in the Golden State. However, in California, which led our recent cannabis revolution by voting to legalize medical use back in 1996, not everything will be rainbows and sunshine as regulatory hurdles remain. Attorney General Jeff…

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Cannabis Czar Lori Ajax Interviewed Ahead of the ICBC in San Francisco

Lori Ajax

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that California just legalized cannabis commerce this year. California’s influence, with nearly 40 million people and the world’s 6th largest economy, virtually cannot be overstated in our fight to end the failed and harmful policy of marijuana prohibition. The world is watching and the woman…

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Entrepreneur Magazine Covers ICBC Kauai

Will Espero ICBC

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), since its very first event in September of 2014 in Portland, Oregon, has grown and expanded with the cannabis industry, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and activists together around the globe. ICBC founder Alex Rodgers understood the need to provide a proper venue for marijuana business professionals to learn and…

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