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Politico: Patients Pushing for Medical Cannabis Across the EU

Medical marijuana doctor

Countries all across Europe have been making great strides in improving their medical cannabis laws, with the UK and Greece being the most recent nations to implement medicinal programs, following in the footsteps Germany and the Netherlands. Luxembourg has raised the stakes by announcing intentions to join Canada and Uruguay as ending cannabis prohibition for…

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ICBC Barcelona to Give 20K to European Cannabis Company

The International Cannabis Business Conference has already established itself as the premier global industry event in just four short years with conferences from North America’s West Coast to the heart of the European Union. The ICBC is taking its networking and informational conference to another level by hosting pitch events during its program, awarding businesses…

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Final California Cannabis Rules Expected to Go Public January

Rules and Regulations

While the three agencies regulating various aspects of the California cannabis industry, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Department of Public Health will be submitting their draft today (December 3rd), the public is not expected to get a look at them until January. Draft rules were released last…

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Leafly: Signs That California Cannabis Legalization Is Surging


It’s no secret that the rollout of California’s cannabis legalization laws has been slow-going. Moving at a cautious speed that has seen the first annual licenses just starting to be issued, the Bureau of Cannabis Control has favored a steady approach. In the BCC’s defense, no regulatory body has yet to deal with as big…

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Will New Jersey Be the Next State to Legalize Cannabis?

marijuana bud

With ten states and Washington D.C., already passing laws to legalize cannabis for all adults, the cannabis community is continuing down its path of ending prohibition state by state. The first places to legalize, such as Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, Alaska, and our nation’s capital, all did so by placing marijuana measures on the ballot, taking…

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San Diego’s Cannabis Supply System Filling Out Among Tough Competition

Cannabis Plants

Everyone with experience in the cannabis industry learned very quickly that legalizing cannabis across the state is just one part of the political and business battle. After months of wrangling over state rules and regulations, localities then get their say, with some areas welcoming new jobs and revenue more openly than others while some even…

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Oregon Cannabis Prices Drop, While Sales and Tax Revenue Rise


Oregon has long been known as a cannabis consumer’s paradise with high-quality products and relatively low prices, even before the state legalized in 2015. By decriminalizing possession in 1973, allowing for medical use in 1999, the Beaver State has been a pioneer implementing progressive policies. The state’s politics, coupled with some of the best outdoor…

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Rep. Joe Kennedy III Now Supports Cannabis Descheduling

Joe Kennedy III

Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III, chosen by the Democrats to respond to Donald Trump’s previous State of the Union address, has been seen as a rising star of the Democratic Party and a potential presidential candidate in the future. While the last name Kennedy automatically increases your clout within Democratic circles, Kennedy’s opposition to cannabis…

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First Cannabis Retail Stores in Massachusetts to Open Tuesday

cannabis jars pipes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the first two cannabis retail stores will open in Massachusetts after voters passed legalization two years ago. Those that have participated in the regulated industry know that establishing and implementing rules and regulations at the state and local levels can be a long and winding road filled with ups and downs…

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Forbes: U.S. Falling Behind in the Global Cannabis Market

United States Capitol Building

The U.S. cannabis community just won a few more electoral victories and the next congressional session is looking better than ever, with more members of Congress (finally) agreeing with the 2/3 of Americans that support legalization, so the future is looking bright. Donald Trump has even signaled that he’s inclined to vote for the STATES…

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