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ZURICH • 31 August - 1 September 2021DOLDER GRAND HOTEL




  • 9:00

    Keynote Speaker, TBA

  • 9:30

    Overview of Swiss Market

Switzerland has become known around the world as a leader in cannabis production and cannabis reform. Our panel of successful Swiss entrepreneurs will give an overview of the structure of the market and its current status. What factors will dominate market growth? What strategies are being employed to most efficiently capitalize on this burgeoning industry. How is the market set to change over the next 5 years?

  • 10:15

    Cannabis in Switzerland – A Regulatory Overview and Outlook

This panel will discuss the complexities of the Swiss regulatory environment regarding medical and recreational cannabis, compare the current developments with what is happening in the EU and provide an outlook into the future.

  • 11:00

    Break (Drinks and Snacks)

  • 11:15

    It’s not about becoming the new Phillip Morris, Nestlé, or Pfizer, it’s about being acquired by them

Secret insights from a renowned insider about strategic investments and successful business planning in the global cannabis industry.

Switzerland and many countries in the EU are in a unique position to influence the direction of the global cannabis industry for future generations. However, investment enthusiasm must be tempered by calculated planning and awareness of the inherent risks in the public and private sectors of this rapidly evolving market. Emerging and maturing market opportunities continue to arise such as the advent of the “Dutch Weed Experiment” of 2020, “CBD lite” in Switzerland, increasing medical cannabis cultivation and processing, global importing and exporting coupled with rising demand, hemp, and the need for the ancillary businesses and strategic investment services and business planning. It’s crucial that investors use careful discernment to strategically place capital into the companies that are best positioned to become global leaders and yield successful exits and returns. In this session, Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting and Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, will give entrepreneurs and investors invaluable global insights from well over a decade of legal cannabis operational and investment experiences. Nic will discuss the real truths from the trenches that will illuminate the pitfalls of the ever-changing realms of international laws, compliance, and regulations. Learn from the success and failures of the North American markets and other countries for how to determine the best current and future global cannabis investment and business development opportunities.

  • 11:45

    Successful Investors Financing European and INTL Projects

Learn from the pioneers who have paid their dues - and closed the deal! Understand what regulations count - and which can destroy ROI from the get go. Also get a perspective on how to evaluate country-specific certifications and understand what else might be needed for cross border sales (in both adult use and medical markets). Finally, get a first look at how economic incentives and tax incentives across Europe can increasingly be used to co-finance certified and regulated cannabis projects.

  • 12:30


  • 1:30

    Pitches on ICBC Main Stage

Get ready for a fast and furious pitch session with a wide array of companies hand-picked by the ICBC.

  • 2:45

    Investor-Company Network

Network hands-on and directly with the featured companies at their respective pitch tables, as well as network with other conference attendees in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere with open-bar.

  • 4:45



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