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Up to date information on the cannabis industry

  • The Oregon Legislature Approves Cannabis Exports, Will the U.S. Follow Suit?

    Various localities’ ability to become “laboratories of democracy” (to an extent) and implement their own laws is a rather unique and interesting concept not employed by all nations. In the United States, states moving forward with their own cannabis laws have been a driving force to change public opinion and create momentum for federal policy...

  • The Church of England to Invest in Medical Cannabis

    England has rarely been invaded by anyone or anything. In fact the last invasion of note happened in 1066 (see William the Conqueror). However when it comes to cannabis, no place is immune to the growing awareness that the great Prohibition of the last 100 years is finally coming to an end. Cannabis has gone...

  • Is Canada Losing Ground to the United States as the Global Cannabis Leader?

    There is absolutely no doubt that Canada has been the global leader in the international cannabis market. Step by step in recent years, reforms at the federal level, starting with regulating medical cannabis, the Canadian government has given its homegrown companies a leg-up on the global competition, culminating with the achievement of becoming the first...

  • Could The British Royals Jump Into The Cannabis Industry?

    With the news that the Church of England has changed its investments policy with regards to medical cannabis, Anglophiles must be wondering what comes next. Could even the Queen, if not the Royal Family in general, become one of the best “cannabis brands” in the world? The answer is, obviously, not only “could they” but...




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