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Up to date information on the cannabis industry

  • Will Annual CBD Sales Outpace Legal Cannabis?

    While business isn’t exactly easy, both cannabis and CBD sales are booming at the macro level and revenue numbers should continue increasing in both the short and long-term as more markets open up and potential consumers get better informed. As has been covered, the combined global cannabis market could generate $15 billion in revenue this

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  • Out of Africa: The New Cannabis Trade Looming With Europe

    There does not seem to be an end to cannabis demand the new market in Europe is creating – at least if you are looking at where far flung growers are announcing new deals. No matter the fact that Europe is getting into the cannabis production business – from Portugal and Spain to the East,

  • Canada Needs to Adapt as US, Especially California, Cannabis Industry Grows

    Canadian cannabis companies have been given a leg up on its global competition, but that advantage is being eroded and could be eliminated rather quickly once the United States ends federal prohibition, industry insiders warn, and it isn’t difficult to imagine. Federal laws allowing banking services, public investment, normal tax rules, and exports has made

  • Hip-Hop Mogul Jay-Z Teams Up with California Bay Area Cannabis Company

    With fourteen albums reaching #1 on the Billboard charts, a net worth of a billion dollars, and a marriage to Beyonce, it would seem like hip-hop artist and mogul Jay-Z has it all. Well, except for a successful cannabis business venture that is. Jay-Z is now looking to conquer the marijuana industry as well, teaming

  • Canadian Cannabis Job Market Heating Up Along With the Industry

    While the regulated Canadian cannabis industry has grown at a slower pace than many expected, the market is heating up as more retailers and other licensees come online. Recent months have seen record-breaking sales and the revenue numbers should continue to climb as regulatory headaches are overcome. One major hurdle for the industry has been




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