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Willie Nelson Invades Canada and He’s Bringing Cannabis

It has been a trend, and probably a wise strategic move, for American cannabis companies to initiate a “reverse merger” with a Canadian company. Since Canada is leading the global cannabis movement by legalizing federally, their companies have access to the Canadian Securities Exchange and other financial markets while American marijuana businesses are shut out of the United States stock market. The latest cannabis industry entrepreneur “invading” Canada would be a living legend, someone who would make just about everyone’s “Cannabis Mount Rushmore”, Mr. Willie Nelson, who has struck a deal with LivWell Enlighted Health, as the Portland Press Herald reported:

LivWell Enlightened Health is planning a series of deals that include taking over management of a Calgary-based cannabis firm and a reverse takeover of investment company Target Capital Inc., the companies said Monday.

It is also changing its name to LivWell International and striking a side deal that will give it perpetual distribution rights in Canada to Willie’s Reserve, the U.S. country singer’s namesake marijuana brand, they said. The transactions were first reported by Bloomberg News.


Nelson’s pot empire includes the Willie’s Reserve and Willie’s Remedy brands, which market flower, vape pens and edible marijuana products.

“I bought enough of it, so I feel like I should be able to sell some back,” the 85-year-old singer said in a promotional video posted online.

You don’t have to be a living legend like Willie Nelson to utilize the Canadian financial markets to generate the capital you need to thrive in the ultracompetitive cannabis industry. With Canadian companies flexing their financial muscle in the United States, and several American companies now evening the playing field a bit, there probably isn’t a better time for cannabis businesses to look into a merger with a Canadian company. If you have any questions about the pros and cons of such a move, there is no better place than the International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, Oregon, this September 27th-28th as the Canadian Securities Exchange will be one of the important panels on the agenda.

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