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Where Does Colombia Export Legal Cannabis Flower To?

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A new report is out in Colombia that provides insight into the South American country’s emerging legal medical cannabis export industry. Last year marked the first time in Colombia’s history that regulated medical cannabis flower was exported to another nation. Since that time, over five dozen permitted shipments have occurred or are in the process of occurring.

Colombia is home to one of the most ideal climates for cultivating cannabis on the entire planet and has long served as a top international source for unregulated cannabis flower. In recent years, policymakers and regulators in Colombia have increased efforts to transition the country’s cannabis industry from being controlled by cartels to being operated by licensed and regulated entities.

Legal medical cannabis imports and exports are a relatively new thing at the global level, and multiple countries are now trying to gain a foothold in the emerging area of the global cannabis industry. According to domestic reporting, Colombia has shipped low-THC cannabis to several countries. PerĀ Bloomberg:

According to information provided to Bloomberg Linea by the Colombia Agricultural Institute (ICA), there have been reports, to date, of 65 exports of this type, some of which are close to materializing.

Of that total, the largest shipment was one of 186,000 grams of dried cannabis flower, with a maximum THC (psychoactive component) content of 0.01%. The dat of export was from June 23 to July 7 of this year and the destination: Switzerland.

ICA also reported a May shipment of 102,500 grams that also went to Switzerland, which was the second largest export. That batch of cannabis flower contained 0.574% THC content. Another 65,000 grams were exported to Australia, with a reported 24.01% THC content.

In total, 18 shipments went to Australia, 16 to Switzerland, 12 to Germany, 8 to the United States, 4 to Israel, 2 to Portugal, Ecuador, and Brazil, and 1 to the Czech Republic.