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Vote On Updated German Legalization Measure Expected This Week

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Over the course of the last week, lawmakers in Germany reportedly reached an agreement to make changes to an adult-use legalization measure that is working its way through the Bundestag process.

According to comments made by members of the Bundestag, the SPD, Greens, and FDP factions of the governing coalition have agreed with Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health to change various aspects of the measure that was first introduced by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach earlier this year.

Minister Lauterbach’s measure was introduced earlier this year after a lengthy drafting process that incorporated several meetings with members of the European Union. Minister Lauterbach was abundantly clear throughout his discussions that European Union approval would be needed before a measure could be submitted for consideration by domestic lawmakers in Germany.

Some of the provisions of Minister Lautebach’s initial measure were not well-received by domestic lawmakers due to the limitations that appeared to be imposed by the discussions with the European Union, not the least of which is the continued prohibition of national, regulated adult-use sales.

What was included in the initial measure were provisions that, if implemented, would legalize personal cannabis cultivation, possession, and use by adults in Germany, as well as permit the licensing of noncommercial cannabis clubs.

While the overall concept of national adult-use sales remains off the table for now, there are reported changes to certain provisions, as well as an expected vote on the updated measure to take place next week. Bundestag member Kirsten Kappert-Gonther detailed the changes in a social media post:

Translated from German to English, Kirsten Kappert-Gonther stated, “The #Cannabis law is coming! Finally: Finally we end this failed ban policy! After intensive negotiations, there is now a law that focuses on youth and #Gesundheitsschutz , which has ended #Kriminalisierung and is practicable.”

The social media thread went on to state, “I am very pleased about the changes achieved in the parliamentary procedure: Reduction of consumption bans to 100M; Allowed amount for home cultivation: 50 g of dried cannabis; Change to the driving license regulation with an appropriate limit through @BMDV by spring 2024. No gaps between cannabis clubs; No criminal penalties (only administrative offenses) with small amounts of 25-30 G in public and 50-60 G in private spaces. Easier #Cannabis cultivation to med. purposes. These changes made now make the law even better!”

“Communal consumption in cannabis clubs and edibles is not (yet) implemented. But what we were able to agree on together is a big step forward. Thank you to everyone who has campaigned for this law for decades! Next step: Decision in #Bundestag and then continue working together on Pillar 2.” Kirsten Kappert-Gonther also stated in the thread.

“…the law is to be discussed in the lead health committee in the week of the meeting in mid-December (calendar week 50) and then finally passed in the Bundestag in the same week. The regulations on decriminalization should apply from April 1, 2024, but the regulations on the new cultivation associations in which members can purchase cannabis will only apply from July 2024.” Legal Tribune Online stated about expected implementation dates.