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Video of our 2016 Event in Vancouver, Canada

Our Vancouver conference is over, here are some highlights!


Video and photos from our previous events

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  • California Launches Online Portal for Cannabis Businesses

    Alex Padilla, the Secretary of State of California, just made an important announcement in advance of the closely-approaching January 1st embarkation date for legal adult-use cannabis in California. The Secretary of State launched a new website called Cannabizfile, in order to help streamline the process for cannabis business licensing in the country’s biggest economy for...

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  • The Threshold for Accepting Cannabis as Medicine

                                               Dr. Jokūbas Žiburkus, PhD for CANNTELLIGENCE When it comes to accepting that natural substances and plant extracts contain medicinal properties, disparate opinions remain the norm. As it pertains to cannabis, anecdotal evidence of how...

  • Cost of Cannabis Compliance Includes Environmental Oversight

    When a new business comes to town, there are often local incentives to bring in the new industry when it promises jobs and revenue to the region. While citizens may think first of tax breaks given to said businesses, county and city councils frequently will vote to assist a new company by supplying infrastructure at...

  • ICBC Panel: How to Survive and Thrive During the Trump Administration

    The cannabis industry is understandably hanging on each and every bit of information that could potentially provide insight into the Donald Trump Administration’s future marijuana policy. There have been some troubling signs out of the administration, but also some positive ones. Many questions remain and everyone is still awaiting answers. Will Donald Trump follow through...

  • Vancouver Sun Profiles the International Cannabis Business Conference

    After selling out events in Oregon and California, two of the states leading the United States towards ending cannabis prohibition, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is proud to be heading to Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the leading cannabis capitals of the world. Canada provided a jolt to the global fight to legalize cannabis...


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