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Video of our 2017 Event in San Francisco

Our 2017 San Francisco conference is over, here are some highlights!


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  • Canadian Cannabis Company Set to Be First U.S. Marijuana IPO

    Cannabis companies are achieving mainstream milestone after milestone and Canada’s legal industry deserves a ton of the credit. We’ve already seen large alcohol companies invest in the marijuana market, as well as Canada’s largest grocery chains, and two Canadian cannabis companies (Canopy Growth and Cronos) listed on the United States stock markets. Now, another financial...

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  • Spannabis and ICBC Announce March 2019 Superconference

    The International Cannabis Business Conference is joining forces with Spannabis, Europe’s top cannabis expo, to form a super-conference that begins March 14th in Barcelona, Spain. For more than fifteen years, Spannabis has been the world’s biggest cannabis trade show while the ICBC in just five years has become the world’s premier B2B cannabis networking event for entrepreneurs and...

  • Watch ICBC MC Ngaio Bealum on Netflix’s Cooking on High

    The International Cannabis Business Conference is designed to help those in the industry thrive and providing important information and key networking opportunities are a heart of the success of the ICBC. However, keeping people engaged and entertained is also a very important element. Helping vault the ICBC into global prominence has been cannabis comic and...

  • ICBC Vancouver Early Bird Ticket Sales End Tomorrow!

    With the Canadian Senate set to vote on cannabis legalization this Thursday and licensed sales expected to begin in a few months, it is clear that the Canadian cannabis industry is about to boom beyond any marijuana market yet. As we have seen across the globe, progress begets progress, so we can expect other nations...

  • Big Alcohol Making Big Moves in the Canadian Cannabis Market

    For years, cannabis legalization activists heard stories about how Big Tobacco companies were poised to sell marijuana as they already had the infrastructure to cultivate the plant and package pre-rolls on a massive scale. After reformers had success in the 1970s decriminalizing personal use, some American tobacco execs did their due diligence to research the possibility...