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Ukraine Delays Medical Cannabis Legalization Vote

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Government again pushes can down the road as top officials deliberately delay serious discussion on basic medical cannabis reform.

Cannabis reform in Ukraine is continuing to be painfully slow. The cabinet has again delayed a meaningful vote on reform after promising the same in April – and which, ultimately, is a bunch of legislative text with really no meaning. Certainly not for patients, much less the nascent industry that lies behind this.

There are several debates afoot in Ukraine right now and at high levels over cannabis – namely, whether synthetic drugs are better options – and whether to craft a market based solely on the same. At a deeper level, this discussion is about the right to grow cannabis at all – much use it in a form that is not pharmacized in some fashion – even for medical use.

The fight on the ground right now is one of the most contentious left in the world as a result. And this is over basic medical CBD access for child epileptics. When it comes to any form of THC, officials are referring to older, cannabinoid-containing drugs that are not only expensive but not as effective for a wide range of conditions as say, whole plant medication.

For all the advances, in other words, in certain parts of Europe if not the rest of the world, it is often easy to find reflections of a past world that no longer exists.

Given the spreading understanding of cannabis as medicine, who really, would convict a desperate parent for growing hemp in the basement to help their desperately sick child?

How Can Broader Cannabis Reform Be Promoted Globally?

The situation in Ukraine has been bubbling for some time – with German activists (in particular) if not members of the industry actively seeking some way to help those on the ground. 

Here is the good news. The world has changed, rather dramatically, in the last 14 months, and it is not going to just go back. Digital networks, education, and a sense of building a new kind of medicine if not medicine delivery is all now on the front burners of governments everywhere. Cannabis and cannabis reform features prominently in all these discussions.

In the meantime, those on the ground fight on, facing a familiar feeling if not battle. This time, however, the world is watching.

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