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Uganda Cannabis Exports To Germany

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The African country is ramping up production for not only exports but also intra- African trade

The African cannabis scene is not only heating up, but so is the path from the “Dark Continent” to Germany. Indeed, Uganda is the next country to achieve GMP export status for its crops. In this case it is particularly significant as the majority of product produced in Uganda so far has been bound for the Israeli market.

What is even more interesting about this development, however, is that there is increasing interest and focus on registering medical cannabis products in the Ugandan market for local use.

A Strong African Cannabis Market

There is every indication, both in terms of the early market movers and what is clearly coming, that Africa, generally, is going to be a strong entrant into the global cannabis market. Even more than South America, it is both geographically and culturally closer to Europe (for starters). Beyond this, the difference in labour costs is already creating cannabis that is making EU-GMP starved flower markets in Europe, starting with Germany, wake up and pay notice. 

It is entirely possible, in other words, for African producers to hit a production cost per kilogram that is highly competitive with the German government reference price for flower. Beyond this, the world of extracts looms large.

The appetite for imported flower for burgeoning recreational markets in Europe may also prove to be a strong one. While Switzerland is limiting its initial recreational market to product sourced domestically, it is likely that at least Luxembourg, and almost certainly Holland will be open to exotic new breeds – many of them landrace or landrace crosses.

A Systematic Approach to Cannabis Reform

While it is not all smooth sailing, the powers that be in Africa, certainly in Uganda and even more strongly now in the tip of the continent, are starting to realize that cannabis reform is going to be very good for African economies. Governments are starting to offer incentives, and many are beginning national cannabis councils to advise on how to make cannabis a sustainable, economic development crop. 

African doctors are also starting to support the use of medical cannabis – particularly as a medicine that, beyond export, can vastly help a country’s healthcare bottom line.

One thing is for sure. African cannabis is on the map, and its influence is being felt, already, in medical markets in both Israel and Europe.

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