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Trimming Technology Is A Great Opportunity For Cannabis Industry Innovation

One of the most important stages of the life of quality cannabis flower is the trimming stage. Many cultivators do a great job of acquiring the right cannabis genetics and caring for the plant up until harvest just to ruin the crop with poor trimming. That is especially true for large scale cultivators.

Cannabis companies that cultivate cannabis on a large scale are faced with two choices when it comes to cannabis trimming – hire a small army of trimmers to complete the task by hand, or use current machinery designed for trimming cannabis that often diminishes the quality of the end product.

Obviously, neither of those scenarios is ideal. Hiring trimmers can be expensive and the trimming process can take a lot of time. On the other hand, current trimming technology results in an inferior product in the eyes of most seasoned consumers.

That creates an opportunity for innovators to revolutionize the trimming process with new solutions. Read about it in our recent article in Cannabis & Tech Today.