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Total Jobs In Canada’s Cannabis Industry Has Nearly Quadrupled In The Past Year

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One very large benefit to reforming cannabis laws and implementing a regulated cannabis industry is the creation of jobs. Unlike many other industries, the cannabis industry can operate in virtually any area, including in rural areas.

Industries come and go as the decades go by. Market shifts, changes in consumer preferences occur, and/or a number of other things happen that affect job opportunities in a given geographic area.

The legal cannabis industry is still largely just getting started in many places, including Canada. Canada’s legal cannabis industry has made large strides in recent years, however, it’s still in its infancy compared to other industries.

Canada’s ongoing effort to implement a robust, nationwide regulated industry has seen hurdles and experienced some setbacks, but it has also had successes that are worth noting, including statistics regarding the number of legal cannabis jobs in the country.

Per Bloomberg, the number of jobs being created by Canada’s legal cannabis industry is increasing at an exponential rate:

Employment in Canada’s cannabis industry has nearly quadrupled in the past year, while the number of companies in the space has more than doubled, according to the latest Statistics Canada data.

StatsCan reported Thursday that there are 9,200 people currently working in the Canadian cannabis sector, up from 2,630 in the fiscal 2018 year and 1,438 in fiscal 2017. Meanwhile, the number of companies in the industry is now tallied at 175, up from 83 a year earlier and 37 in 2017, StatsCan said.

People from all types of backgrounds are scrambling to get into the cannabis industry, and for good reason. A career in cannabis can be very exciting and rewarding, and unlike many other industries, the future of the cannabis industry is extremely bright.

It will be interesting to see where Canada’s cannabis industry employment numbers are at a year from now, five years from now, and beyond. If you are looking to learn more about Canada’s cannabis industry we invite you to check out our upcoming event in Vancouver, British Columbia September 15-16. We hope to see you there!

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