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Top Seven Benefits Of Virtual Cannabis Events

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Participating in a cannabis event is one of the best things that someone can do to get educated and network with other like-minded people in the cannabis industry. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis industry veteran, someone trying to find out more information regarding the cannabis space, or somewhere in between, you will greatly benefit from participating in a cannabis event.

In-person events might be on hold right now, but entrepreneurs, business professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts of all backgrounds can still attend virtual cannabis events, including and especially the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference Virtual Global Cannabis Symposium on June 9th. Virtual cannabis events provide a lot of unique benefits to attendees. Below are the top seven benefits of attending a virtual cannabis event (in no particular order).

1. Save Time and Money on Travel Costs

Traveling can be fun, however, it can also be expensive and time-consuming. Virtual cannabis events do not require any traveling except traveling from your couch to your computer. If you have a laptop or tablet, you don’t even have to leave the couch!

2. The Comfort of Your Own Home

As the saying goes – there’s no place like home. When you attend a virtual cannabis event, you can be surrounded by all of the comforts of home, while learning from people and experts from all over the world.

3. Eat What You Want

Quality cannabis events typically provide amazing food, however, that’s not always the case. Even with events that do provide fantastic food for attendees, the food may not be enticing to a particular attendee for one reason or another. When you attend a virtual cannabis event, you can provide whatever catering options that your heart (or stomach) desires.

4. Lower Carbon Footprint

In addition to a reduction in carbon footprint due to eliminating the need to travel, virtual cannabis events also have a lower carbon footprint compared to in-person events because event materials do not need to be printed, such as banners and handouts. Everything is digital, which is great news for the environment.

5. View at Your Own Pace

With virtual cannabis events, you can view the event at your own pace. You can use the restroom at your leisure, grab a snack when you want to, and/or whatever else you want to do since you are viewing it from your own home. Attendees have much more control over the flow when it comes to virtual cannabis events.

6. No Need for Business Cards

One burdensome task of attending an in-person event is getting business cards printed and remembering to keep them handy while walking around and networking. With virtual cannabis events, no business cards are needed. Providing a contact is as easy as sending an e-mail, text message, or some other form of electronic communication while the attendee is already on their laptop or tablet.

7. Savings Are Passed Along to Attendees, Sponsors, and Exhibitors

Virtual cannabis events do not cost as much to produce as in-person events, and those savings can be passed along to attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors so that they can get more bang for their buck!

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