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The Spirit Of The Cannabis Community Is Alive And Well This 4/20

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Unless you have been living under a rock the last few decades, then you are presumably aware that April 20th is the official holiday for the global cannabis community. Every year members of the cannabis community celebrate our favorite plant on April 20th.

Historically, global April 20th gatherings were geared towards activists protesting unjust cannabis laws around the world. As reform has spread to various parts of the planet, many gatherings in legal jurisdictions have transitioned to celebrations that include various forms of entertainment in addition to consumption.

April 20th, 2020 was supposed to be the greatest 4/20 celebration in the history of the cannabis community. The last time that it was 4/20 for an entire month was in 1920 when things were obviously much different than they are today. Unfortunately, in-person 4/20 events were canceled all over the planet due to the ongoing pandemic, which was sad to see.

However, just because the 4/20 that was envisioned didn’t occur doesn’t mean that the spirit of the cannabis community is defeated. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Virtual cannabis events, fundraisers, and rallies are being held all over the world today. In true cannabis community fashion, the community adapted to the unforeseen circumstances and made the best of it.

It’s what we have done for decades, and it’s what we will continue to do as a community.

The cannabis movement didn’t get to where it is today because of advocates running into a hurdle and giving up. The story of the cannabis movement is a story of overcoming hurdle after hurdle, with some of those hurdles initially seeming to be impossible to get over. Yet, time after time the cannabis community stepped up and succeeded, and this 4/20 is a continuation of that.

It may not be the 4/20 that we all wanted, but we are all still one giant cannabis community celebrating in unity today, and nothing can stop the (virtual) celebration from happening. Not unjust cannabis laws. Not cannabis opponents. Not even a pandemic.

Celebrate responsibly today and know that there is still a lot of work left to be done, reflect on the victories that have been achieved, keep cannabis prisoners in your thoughts, and know that the future of the cannabis movement is bright. Cheers!