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The Meteoric Rise of the Mary Jane Berlin Hemp Fair and Festival

Mary Jane Berlin

We here at the International Cannabis Business Conference have experienced the dramatic rise of the cannabis community in Germany firsthand and we are not alone. One of our allies, Mary Jane Berlin, producing one of Europe’s top hemp events has also been apart of the explosion of cannabis into the German mainstream. Mary Jane Berlin has expanded exponentially over the last three years and will be producing a truly unique hemp fair and festival this June 21st to the 23rd that sounds like an amazing time, complete with a 8,000 square meters of indoor space, 5,000 sq. meters of outdoor space, a sandy beach, and an infinity pool. Mary Jane Berlin helps showcase top innovators, businesses, and entrepreneurs from around Europe and should not be missed.

I had the opportunity to interview Duc Anh Dang, Mary Jane Berlin’s managing director, who found a little bit of time to peel himself away from the hard work it takes to organize a cannabis festival:

Why did you first start the expo?

I saw the potential in 2015 when I lived in Seattle for the German market and had the vision for Germany becoming the same in near future.

Why do you think it has grown so fast?

We have the biggest marketing budget in Europe, our professional organization is top-notch, we’ve been developing exhibitor contacts from all over the world by networking at big trade shows, and most importantly, the Berlin vibe.

Are you surprised by the growth?

We want much more! 🙂

Have you seen greater acceptance for medical cannabis and cannabis use in general in Germany since Mary Jane Berlin started?

Much more acceptance. The positive changes in laws have certainly helped us and we have gotten positive press for our previous events. Cannabis has gotten much more mainstream in a short amount of time. Nobody is thinking bad about cannabis anymore. We have even gained a lot of visitors over the age of 50, which makes us very happy. They are very surprised and joyful about the new experiences they make at Mary Jane Berlin.

What most sets your event apart from other cannabis events?

As I mentioned, the Berlin vibe and the opportunity to interact with so many exhibitors operating in the German market, Europe’s biggest potential market. Mary Jane Berlin does a great job of combining both business and pleasure, and we’re really proud about that.

What are some of the top highlights about this year’s event?

We gained 25% more exhibitors, 250 total from all over the world and are expecting 25,000 visitors. The festival with big artists, the beach area, and a pool inside the Spree river will certainly be highlights for folks.

Thanks for your time, Duc.

Thank you.

For more information regarding Mary Jane Berlin this June 21-23, check out MJB’s website. 


Mary Jane Berlin panarama

Mary Jane Berlin pool

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