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The Impact Of Cannabis On Retroviruses

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As the world now hunkers down inside, and “social-distancing” has become part of a global vocabulary, the race is now on for both a vaccine and a “cure.”

There are, however, in the cannabis community, many who are now asking legitimate questions – such as will cannabis be part of the answer?

Those who lived through the worst years of the AIDS epidemic in particular, who are doing the loudest asking. Like AIDS, the virus – COVID-19 (or Corona) is a retrovirus. That means that while not exactly alike, there are similarities.

And while cannabis was never seen as a “cure” for AIDS within the responsible medical cannabis community, everyone who has been a caretaker or even a patient knows that Delta9 THC consumption has helped them cope with the side effects of antiviral treatment. If not help slow the progression of HIV (by lowering viral loads). And certainly, lessen the stress of having a chronic condition.

No Comprehensive Studies So Far

It speaks volumes about the stigma of cannabis that is still in the room that so far no country has called for any kind of testing about how cannabinoids (not just CBD) might help boost immune systems against this disease – particularly for the most vulnerable. Indeed, in early March, the UN moved its decision about the reclassification of cannabis back 9 months.

The implications of this are indeed interesting. Starting with the fact that cannabis potentially should be considered legally not “just” as a narcotic but, more accurately certainly for long term patients, as an anti-viral aid. That said, older people cannot just begin consuming Delta9 THC. 

Does CBD Have The Same Effect?


A “Natural Immunity”?

One of the reasons that a pandemic is so terrifying (see the Global Influenza Epidemic at the end of WWI) is that this is a virus that humans have no natural immunity to and there is no existing medicine to treat the same.

However, there are ways to boost your immune system naturally. A healthy diet, low consumption of alcohol if not abstinence, sleep and exercise, are the best ways to stay healthy. 

How cannabis might fit into that picture is another story. 

In the meantime, it is imperative that cannabis patients protect themselves with more diligence than usual. 

It is also important that the legitimate cannabis industry steps up to the plate.

It is imperative that governments hear from the industry at this juncture.

Trials, including to see how cannabis might help longer-term on preventing future pandemics, are absolutely required.

We are all responsible.

The International Cannabis Business Conference will return to Europe this summer.