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The ICBC Combines Cannabis Politics, Business and Culture


As a veteran of many cannabis conferences over the last 15-plus years, I can honestly state that the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is a unique marijuana event like no other. I am proud to help organize the ICBC and plan its curriculum over the years. The San Francisco event on February 17th, will be yet another great event.

As a business conference, the ICBC certainly helps entrepreneurs and business owners survive and thrive in the cannabis industry. The ICBC’s lineup this Thursday includes panels on licensing and regulation; distribution models and license types; public markets financing and cannabis stocks; and consumer tech and branding.California cannabis industry members, and folks looking to get in the business, should not pass up on the opportunity to ask questions of the state’s Marijuana Czar, Lori Ajax.  The ICBC always strives to provide the very latest information and most pertinent information to attendees and the San Francisco is no different.

“If cannabis is your industry, then politics is your business.”

In addition to business info, the ICBC understands the importance of the cannabis community’s engagement in politics. A panel focusing on adapting to the Donald Trump Administration, will help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate an uncertain environment. Looking towards the future, the ICBC is hosting a fundraiser for Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, the frontrunner to be the Golden State’s next governor on the 16th, just before the VIP reception. The VIP event, with Newsom on the attendance, is a great avenue to network with other industry participants and many ICBC speakers. The fact that Newsom is making an appearance at the ICBC event demonstrates how far marijuana has gone mainstream. Who knows, Newsom could very well be the next president of the United States, so the ICBC could even be greatly impacting a future federal administration.

“Hemp can save the earth,” Jack Herer

Greatly influenced by the fact that lead producer Alex Rogers and organizer Debby Goldsberry were both mentored by the late Jack Herer, the ICBC always keeps a focus on the cannabis culture, including the need to stay true to the movement’s roots of keeping people out of prison and taking care of patients. The ICBC will never promote policies that support the bottom line, but would put more people in prison or deny patients medicine.

Hilarious cannabis comedian Ngaio Bealum, a longtime cannabis activist himself, is the MC of the event, and he helps keep the discussion lively and he always advocates for patients, consumers and small businesses. Throw in the fact that the ICBC features a talk by Henry Rollins and a celebrity interview with four-time NBA champ John Salley, and you can easily see that the ICBC isn’t your run-of-the-mill cannabis business conference.

Be a part of history and get your tickets now!

Cannabis legalization in California is a huge event for the global reform movement as well as a great opportunity. What happens in the Golden State will reverberate around the world. Join the ICBC in ushering in a new phase for the California and international cannabis communities. Get your tickets to the ICBC now as tickets go up this Wednesday at midnight. 



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