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The Five Best Online And Virtual Cannabis Industry Events

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The history of the cannabis movement is a history of innovative people constantly facing hurdles, and consistently overcoming those hurdles. That is true of cannabis reform efforts, that is true of cannabis industry pursuits, and that is especially true when it comes to cannabis events.

Cannabis events have become extremely popular in recent years. They take on all types of forms and come in different sizes and areas of focus. Historically, most cannabis events and conferences have involved in-person attendance. Unfortunately, that changed due to the ongoing pandemic, with in-person events being canceled or rescheduled all over the globe.

I started the longest-running cannabis B2B event in California back in 2014, and have since launched cannabis B2B conferences in 5 different countries on two different continents. My team and I have always been very proud to organize the conferences, which focused on cannabis policy, industry education, networking opportunities, and our notoriously fun after-parties featuring world-class entertainers.

When the pandemic hit and we had to reschedule our conferences, I wasn’t sure what to do in the meantime. Obviously, the demand for cannabis educational opportunities wasn’t going away given the fact that the cannabis reform movement is stronger than ever and the industry is extremely popular among entrepreneurs and investors. We decided to meet that demand in the form of our first-ever Virtual Global Cannabis Symposium.

Virtual events may never take the place of in-person events, however, we are extremely excited to bring our blend of policy, advocacy, industry, and entertainment to attendees in virtual form. Our symposium is taking place on June 9th, and it will feature celebrities like Rick Steves, Tommy Chong, John Salley, and DJ Muggs in addition to policy and legal experts from around the world.

Many virtual cannabis events are popping up right now, however, not all of them are created equal. A lot of the events appear to have been put together in haste, and don’t seem to be offering much value to attendees. Below are virtual cannabis events that we have identified that we think are going to be fantastic and that potential attendees should check out, in addition to our Virtual Global Cannabis Symposium.

International Cannabis Business Conference Virtual Global Cannabis Symposium

Attendees of the first-ever International Cannabis Business Conference Virtual Global Cannabis Symposium will be able to tap into our enhanced virtual networking app and connect with virtual exhibitors and directly connect with the ICBC network. We are able to offer tickets to the virtual conference for a very affordable price and attendees can check it out from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, the presenters participating in the symposium will also be remoting into the event, which will make for a really unique experience for everyone. People have seen our presenters on TV and/or on stage, however, it’s likely that most people haven’t gained a glimpse into how those people live when they are at their homes. Early bird pricing expires on June 3rd, so get your tickets now at a reduced rate!

Food Labs / Cannabis Labs Conference

The Food Labs / Cannabis Labs Conference is one complimentary conference serving the food and cannabis laboratory markets with two separate tracks and overarching plenary presentations, taking place June 2-5. The Food Labs Conference will address regulatory, compliance and risk management issues that companies face in the area of testing and food laboratory management. The Cannabis Labs Conference With a particular focus on science, technology, regulatory compliance and quality management, the event enables attendees to engage in conversations that are critical for advancing careers and organizations alike.

“We made the tough decision to pivot this program to a virtual event months ago once the COVID-19 crisis emerged. Now, we’re offering attendees free access to the virtual program” said Aaron G. Biros, Editor/Publisher of the event’s organizer, Cannabis Industry Journal. “There are a lot of similarities in the food testing and cannabis testing markets. By bringing the Cannabis Labs and Food Labs Conferences together in one space, we are providing attendees with information on regulatory compliance, best practices and technology to both industries, all from the comfort of their home or office.”

Prohibition Partners LIVE

Prohibition Partners LIVE will provide one single digital platform that will host five separate conferences with over 4,000 delegates attending to experience thought-leading content, high-quality networking, engaging experiences, and entertainment, all without the risk of travel.

It will take place on 22-23 June, featuring live-streamed keynotes and panel talks from over 150 CEOs, policymakers, and cultural leaders across five virtual stages.

“The demand for cannabis is skyrocketing under lockdown as regulators deem it an essential good while consumers and patients stockpile supplies in response to isolation measures. Unprecedented legal cannabis sales internationally are demonstrating that global regulatory changes are inevitable in a post COVID-19 economy and despite a pending recession, cannabis will remain one of the few true growth industries. As a result, we’re delighted to take our five industry-leading conferences online at Prohibition Partners LIVE, helping to connect the ever-widening global audience of operators, entrepreneurs and new entrants to the cannabis industry to share learnings, fuel ideas and collectively shape the future of cannabis.” said Stephen Murphy, Group Managing Director of Prohibition Partners.

NCIA Cannabis Caucus (Cyber) Series

NCIA’s Cannabis Caucus Series is an exclusive opportunity for NCIA members and their guests to connect with each other, learn about regional issues from influential guest speakers and get the latest news about NCIA’s federal policy work. Cannabis Caucus events ensure that NCIA’s growing members stay connected, get informed and take action to protect our industry and your business. The events will take place from June 16-23, with each event focusing on a particular geographical region of the United States.

“As we navigate the new realities of this pandemic including the temporary hold on all in-person events across the world, we must find new ways to keep with our members and keep them connected to each other. NCIA’s Cannabis Caucus Cyber events are going to be an exclusive opportunity for our members to stay informed and engaged with our advocacy work and to receive the latest updates from their local region while enjoying a unique networking experience — just as our in-person caucus events have successfully done in previous years. I hope to see all of our members in ‘cyberspace’ this June!” says NCIA Co-founder and CEO Aaron Smith.

Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo

The Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo will feature the first-ever cannabis industry virtual job fair, the largest-ever investor pitch contest, and six concurrently-running subject tracks with over 40 speaker sessions. Co-produced by Cannabis & Tech Today and cannabis industry connector, Andre Bourque, the event is a collaboration with a premier alliance of organizations, publishers, and event producers.  

“Using our best-in-class 3D platform, we will deliver greater and more data-measurable sponsor and exhibitor ROI than traditional in-person events, as well as deliver high value and participation opportunities to attendees,” said Charles Warner, CEO of Cannabis & Tech Today. “This will be the largest virtual cannabis conference the industry has ever seen.”

Emerge is set to take place on July 22nd and 23rd, 2020. Subscribe for event updates here:

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Alex Rogers

Visionary entrepreneur and political activist, Alex Rogers, is the founder and CEO of multiple thriving ancillary cannabis businesses. Cutting his teeth as an activist in the early nineties under the tutelage of Jack Herer, Alex has a deep proprietary knowledge of the emerging global cannabis industry. He has played a key role in professionalizing and mainstreaming the cannabis industry, building one of the United States' most popular medical cannabis clinics and the first ever to advertise medical cannabis on network TV in the U.S. Living in five different countries throughout his life, and able to communicate in all respective languages, Alex considers himself an international citizen, thusly spawning the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC). The ICBC was the first cannabis business conference in the world to have multiple dates set in multiple countries on multiple continents and is the leading conference series in Europe. A Magna Cum Laude graduate majoring in Political Science, Rogers has used his knowledge of law and politics to push cannabis policy forward all over the world.