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The Coming Vape Invasion Of Europe

vape pen vaping cannabis

The cannabis vape market is about to take off in the aftermath of last fall’s decision that CBD is not a narcotic.

It is not just the recent business news that Kanabo is upgrading its British CBD facilities to EU GMP that is heralding what is likely to be a vape explosion across Europe by this time next year – and not just on the CBD side.

Indications are popping all over that the vape trade is about to get a big boost – both from a medical market tired of chasing flos to hybrid markets in need of easier to move and sell products.

The UK market is absolutely primed to be a big market – especially with extraction facilities coming online in several places, including the Channel Islands.

Beyond the UK however, the Swiss market is beginning to see a flood of vape products (and of both the recreational and medical kind).

What are the real possibilities of a liquid market (no pun intended) in the vape trade across Europe in the next couple of years?

GMP Vs. Other Certified Vape Production

On the medical front, there is a clear need for competition in a market where there are few competitors and still-high costs. Medical vapes offer doctors at least, a more regulated dispensation and dosing option while preventing patients from smoking (as most do with flos).

Beyond the medical market, however, the Swiss, Dutch, Luxembourgian and probably Portuguese markets are opening just as the new certified product is available.

Expect to see an explosion of sales – and across the board – just about everywhere in Europe.

The ramp-up is also coming after a raft of bad press for the extraction market – including by medical doctors who examined contents and labeling of particularly CBD extract all over Europe.

With a vape cartridge and certified extract market coming online and further sales channels to sell the product, it is very likely that pent up demand, new trials in several countries of both the medical and recreational kind, will see much higher sales for this vertical of the cannabis market – certainly by next spring.

To get the latest updates on the European cannabis market be sure to visit the International Cannabis Business Conference when it returns to Berlin in August.