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Thanks, San Francisco, for a Great ICBC! See You Soon, Berlin!

San Francisco deserves a huge shout-out for this bringing out the best of the best in cannabis last weekend! ICBC was THE place to be in the Bay last weekend, and once again the International Cannabis Business Conference delivered the goods.

The room was buzzing with California Cannabis Czar Lori Ajax on hand to answer pressing questions; cannabis experts Lauren Fraser, Felipe Recalled, Tim Morland, and Michael Beaudry shared their experiences navigating the logistics of distribution; Derek Riedle, Clay Busch, Monica Lo and Abdullah Saeed entertained and informed about working in the media; Paul King and Nic Easley gave rock-solid advice on investing; Debby Goldsberry, Lindsay Robinson, David Hua and James Anthony dished out advice on current compliance; and many other top leaders covered the topics of technologies, strategic partnerships and challenges in clean cannabis. The Expo room also had an impressive showing of top-notch movers and shakers, and just keeping a slight ear out, one could hear the networking there has created new and powerful partnerships.

And oh those ICBC VIP and after-parties! DJ Domino of Hieroglyphics and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill did not disappoint! The night at Pier 23 will be a lifetime memory for all who came.

Congratulations to the community that made all of this happen! If you missed it, or if you want to keep your brand at the front of the industry, make your plans now for ICBC Berlin! ICBC returns for a second year to Europe’s biggest cannabis market, which is just getting off the ground. NOW is the time to be investing in Germany and other European states, and ICBC is the B2B conference that allows these conversations to happen.

Thanks to all who came out in California! Get your tickets now for ICBC Berlin on April 11-12, 2018. See you in Germany!

David Hua, Debby Goldsberry, James Anthony, Lori Ajax, Nic Easley