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Thank you, Barcelona! The ICBC Now Heads to Berlin. And then Zurich.

ICBC Spannabis

Everyone associated with the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) was ecstatic to team up with Spannabis to form an epic superconference in Barcelona and the March 14th event did not disappoint. Panel after panel provided great information, the mood was electric, and the first-ever ICBC Barcelona ended with style, both with an interview with Damian Marley that capped off the conference program and then by a great performance by Marley at the sold-out afterparty. As many in the cannabis community now head onto Spannabis, it is safe to say that the team-up is off to a great start. The ICBC heads to Berlin next, and then Zurich.

Feria del Cáñamo (Spannabis) has been in the cannabis sector for more than 16 years and is much more than just a fair. The Spanish cannabis industry has more potential every day, and is taking firm steps to improve that Spain’s laws. Spannabis organizers believe that the time is right to offer reliable information on the economic potential of the cannabis sector and the viability that Spain would have to become one of the key countries in Europe,” stated Carlos Yerbes Gonzalez, co-director of Spannabis.

“Spannabis is the meeting point for the entire European cannabis scene. It was a pleasure for the ICBC to provide our trademark blend of business, politics, and culture to an already legendary event, and we look forward to carrying that momentum across the continent in both Berlin and then Zurich, with an exciting collaboration with CannaTrade,” said Alex Rogers, CEO and founder of the ICBC.

“Berlin has Germany’s medical cannabis system has made the nation an innovative global cannabis leader and it is an exciting time for industry participants across Europe and the world. Germany has done a tremendous job helping bring cannabis medicine into the mainstream and bringing Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the scientific researcher that basically started the medical cannabis movement, to Berlin has been a goal of ours for three years,” added Rogers.

In addition to a keynote address by Dr. Mechoulam, the Godfather of Cannabis Research, panels at the ICBC Berlin include: The Present and Future of the German Medical Cannabis Market, International Regulatory Overview, Cannabis Imports, Mainstreaming of CBD, Lobbying for Cannabis, Top Tech Revolutionizing the Industry, Investment and Capital Markets, international Investing, Media & Marketing, Biotech Today and What the Future Holds, International Leaders in Medical Science, The Plant Genome, Cannabis Extracts, and more. If past provides any guidance, the ICBC Berlin will be another epic event that those in the cannabis industry, or thinking of joining, will not want to miss.

Tickets for the ICBC Berlin are still available. Prices increase on March 27th. Purchase your tickets soon to secure your spot and save.





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