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Thailand’s New Medical Cannabis Model Is Off To A Solid Start

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Thailand has historically been home to some very harsh cannabis laws. However, that has changed recently with leaders in Thailand taking a more sensible approach to cannabis policy. Thailand recently launched its first legal cannabis-based clinic where patients could seek safe access to medical cannabis treatment and information.

According to reports out of Thailand, the launch of the first clinic has resulted in thousands of patients receiving consultations, and many more signing up for appointments. Per The Star:

The country’s first marijuana-based clinic is bustling with patients just 10 days after it opened with more than 4,000 seeing the doctor and 12,000 people seeking appointments until March.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said many were interested in marijuana treatment, after he visited the marijuana-based clinic which is run under the supervision of the Health Minister.

The clinic has been visited by 4,639 patients, who had booked their appointments in advance through an application process.

As time goes by, these numbers will be dwarfed by considerably larger numbers as more clinics open up across Thailand. However, the medical cannabis program in Thailand is off to a good start, and it’s encouraging to see suffering patients receiving cannabis-based medicine that will hopefully help them treat their conditions in a way that is considerably less harmful than pharmaceutical drugs.

Thailand is currently in the process of setting up rules and regulations that would allow every household in Thailand to cultivate low-THC cannabis and sell it to the government of Thailand. It’s a very unique approach to medical cannabis policy and sourcing, and if it works in Thailand, it could become more common in other countries in the future.