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Thailand Jumps Into Cannabis Tourism Ring

Thailand, last year’s last minute cannabis reformer (along with Israel, on Christmas Day, as a “gift” to the Thai people), has wasted little time going where other national governments so far, have been slow  to go, if at all. As some had hoped, Pipat Ratchakitprakan, the new tourism and sports minister, plans to promote medical marijuana tourism as part of a broader plan to attract foreign visitors.

Even more promising for those who are thinking of planning their Thai vacation now, travel packages will likely also include other traditional Thai medical approaches, including combining medical cannabis with massage.

Along with the cannabis reforms, the country also plans to wisely encourage ride and home sharing apps (by legalizing them) to handle the extra accommodation and travel needs of foreign tourists coming to the nation for the sun, cannabis, and total relaxation. Thailand is looking to get a head start capitalizing on international cannabis tourism, but will probably provide a good model for other nations to follow.

Global Cannabis Wellness Tours and Packages

Thailand is clearly hoping to attract well heeled North Americans and Europeans. Especially because, outside of California and perhaps Nevada, there is no real “wellness” or tourism movement yet in any country. And in Europe, the focus has not yet shifted to canna tourism beyond of course, the old standby, Holland and the up-and-comer, Barcelona

No matter the potential of Greece – the only other recent arrival to the cannabis reform camp on a sovereign level, if not the potential of places like Croatia – Europe is on a slower track.

Local “Cannabis Wellness” Getaways

The idea of cannabis wellness is hitting Europe in different waves. Added to tourism, and this is still a bit of an exotic beast (although probably not for long).

Even in Luxembourg, for instance, while the country has indicated it wants to put recreational reform on the fast track, attracting tourists from neighbouring countries has not been on the (official) roadmap. See who its neighbours are.

For that reason, look for the growth of specialty, tourist markets, like Thailand, as the global medical and wellness market grows.

However, this is not the only place the Thai market is likely to have impact. Inevitably, also look for western knockoffs coming soon in all medical markets. It is a lot cheaper to get a Thai massage with cannabis on the side locally than flying all the way to Bangkok for the same.

What originates in Thailand, in other words, is also likely to have a huge influence on fusion influences in every legalizing market where there is a Thai massage shop.

German canna sauna anyone?

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