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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Now Has A Cannabis Index

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For many years investing in the emerging cannabis industry was a very tricky thing for many reasons, not the least of which was that the cannabis industry was operating in a legal ‘grey area.’

Places such as Amsterdam and British Columbia were home to cannabis-based businesses like cannabis cafes that were ‘tolerated’ by local authorities.

Arguably the biggest evolution in the cannabis industry came in 1996 when voters in California legalized cannabis for medical use, which resulted in the exponential growth of medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivation operations throughout California.

For many years cannabis investments operated in those types of markets, and/or revolved around ancillary cannabis inventions and ideas. The reward was significant, however, so were the risks.

Zoom forward to today and there are far more options for investing in the emerging cannabis industry, including and especially cannabis stock investment options.

Multiple stock exchanges now allow cannabis company listings, including in Israel. Per The Jerusalem Post:

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launched on Monday a new index for nine medical cannabis companies in an effort to boost trade in the burgeoning, yet not quite mature, sector.

The new index includes nine companies that are “primarily engaged in the fields of research, cultivation, sale or production and marketing of medical cannabis products”, the stock exchange said.

Israel is rapidly taking its rightful spot as an international cannabis leader. The Middle Eastern nation has long been an international leader for cannabis research, but the country’s medical cannabis program was limited for many years.

Now Israel not only has plans to become a major exporter of cannabis but also has plans to legalize cannabis for adult-use next year. If you are looking to invest in cannabis, you should definitely keep an eye on Israel to see how things develop.