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Trump Administration Wants Public Feedback Regarding International Cannabis Rescheduling

Back in March the United States Food and Drug Administration initially requested input from the public regarding international cannabis policy. The public input was meant to help the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services be prepared when working with the United Nations (U.N.). At the time it was speculated that the U.N.’s Commission on

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The Oregon Legislature Approves Cannabis Exports, Will the U.S. Follow Suit?


Various localities’ ability to become “laboratories of democracy” (to an extent) and implement their own laws is a rather unique and interesting concept not employed by all nations. In the United States, states moving forward with their own cannabis laws have been a driving force to change public opinion and create momentum for federal policy

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Trump Administration Admits to a “Secret” Cannabis Committee

Trump's War on Cannabis

BuzzFeed News originally revealed the existence of a Trump administration committee to wage a “secret war” on cannabis at the end of August, noting that federal officials were tired of the positive press regarding cannabis legalization and were calling upon various agencies to publish negative news stories. Administration officials initially wouldn’t confirm the committee, but BuzzFeed’s

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Senator Merkley Takes on Trump and Prohibition, Ahead of the ICBC

Jeff Merkley

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has been defending not only the will of Oregon voters who passed cannabis legalization with over 56% of the vote in 2014, but also the will of the strong majority of all Americans that now understand the failure of cannabis prohibition. Tired of wasting law enforcement resources and disproportionately arresting and

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U.S. Needs to Change Cannabis Border Policy

border checkpoint

After a wonderful trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for an epic International Cannabis Business Conference, I heard a number of stories from Canadians about horror stories at the United States border. With Canada legalizing cannabis officially this October 17th, following the historic passage of the Cannabis Act, the U.S. needs to change its cannabis

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