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Canada Brings in $186 Million in Tax Revenue as Sales Continue to Increase

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It’s no secret that cannabis sales in Canada have gotten off to a relatively slow start as the government has taken a rather conservative, cautious approach to licensing, as government officials’ public safety concerns have been given top priority. Regulatory hurdles have hindered efforts to open up brick and mortar stores, caused supply chain issues,

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Cannabis Legalization Sparks Jobs Surge in Canada

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With the demand for cannabis in Canada outpacing demand, something industry insiders warned, Canadian businesses are now playing catch-up, increasing the demand for jobs across all sectors of the industry. The jobs surge actually started well before cannabis commerce officially began on October 17th, as companies ramped up for the increased demand, but now that the

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Report Estimates Canadians Spent Over $5 Billion on Cannabis in 2017

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Estimating cannabis use and expenditures is rather tricky, especially during prohibition. Most people, even with the promise of anonymity, are probably unlikely to be completely honest about their illegal marijuana usage. Statistics Canada tries to make adjustments in their methodology, coming to the estimate that Canadians spent about $5.6 billion on cannabis in 2017, right

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