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Critical Vote Today in Canada’s Parliament Impacts Cannabis Legalization

Canadian cannabis flag

One thing I hear a lot from newcomers to the cannabis world, is “legalization is inevitable.” It’s a phrase that makes anyone who has spent much time fighting the battle to change cannabis laws cringe and gnash their teeth. Policy is slow and messy and time-consuming. It quickly becomes very dramatic and can swing like

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VIP Reception With Doug Benson Kicks Off ICBC Kauai This Friday

The International Cannabis Business Conference in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, kicks off this Friday at 6pm with a VIP reception featuring cannabis comic Doug Benson, sponsored by the National Cannabis Industry Association, as the ICBC brings its trademark style to the Aloha State, combining cannabis business, politics and culture unlike any other. Named one of the

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Social Media Companies Love and Hate the Cannabis Community

social media icons

To say that cannabis entrepreneurs face unique changes in the marketplace could be an understatement. (It definitely is an understatement.) But the truth is, until we fix federal prohibition cannabis businesses are going to subject to arbitrary decisions from major companies in the “legal” marketplace. Btw, “legal” is not a meaningful term in this context.

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California Insurance Commissioner Announces Major Commercial Carrier to Cover Cannabis


California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones takes his job very seriously. Purportedly, he is one of only two persons at the state capitol building in Sacramento who is allowed to carry a gun. I’m not exactly sure why the insurance commissioner needs a gun, so let’s just go with “he takes his job very seriously.” In

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California Cannabis Czar Lays Out Initial Application Guidelines

Lori Ajax, head of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control – also known as “The Marijuana Czar” of California – spoke about expectations to new licensing rules for the Golden State to a group of industry professionals at the California Cannabis Business Summit hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and the California Cannabis

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