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German Pharmacists Support Medical Cannabis, See Market Growth

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The German cannabis patient community has grown by leaps and bounds since the program was approved a few years ago and the International Cannabis Business Conference is so pleased to have witnessed the growth firsthand, holding our first annual conference in Berlin just after medical legislation was approved. Despite a lot of bureaucratic red tape

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Ireland Announces Launch of Medical Cannabis Program

Flag of Ireland

In 2016, an Irish toddler became the first legal medical cannabis patient in Ireland after his parent successfully acquired authorization from Minister of Health Simon Harris to utilize a cannabis oil to treat the two year-old’s epilepsy. Cannabis oil dramatically halted the child’s seizures, which occurred twenty times a day before using medicinal cannabis. That

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United Kingdom Opens First Medical Cannabis Treatment Clinics

united kingdom flag

The first week of March this year was significant for British cannabis patients for one very big reason: the first medical cannabis clinic in the country opened in Manchester. Firsts are very important right now for both the British industry and patients, as are overall numbers in general. This is because, despite reform happening in

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A First for Southeast Asia: Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis


December 25, Christmas Day, 2018, was a big day for cannabis reform globally. Not only did Israel legalize exports, but Thailand’s legislature also voted unanimously to allow licensed medical use of the drug along with kratom, a locally grown plant used both as a stimulant and painkiller. The move was described as a “New Year’s

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Report: Australia’s Cannabis Industry Expected to Boom

Cannabis hemp leaf

Every locale that has legalized cannabis, be it medicinal use or full legalization for all adults, has created more jobs and revenue for their respective economies, as well as decreased needless and wasteful arrests and convictions. Most legalized jurisdictions have even experienced overall economic benefits that have exceeded initial estimates. Canadian policymakers obviously didn’t expect

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