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2019: The European “Year of Cannabis”

Map of Europe

There are clearly “banner years” for the modern age of cannabis reform that can be marked, by canna-historians, in different regions, states and countries. The turning of the century marked the beginning of constitutional protections for reasonable access to medicinal cannabis for approved patients (see Canada). In the second decade of the century, this watershed

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Germany to Restart Cannabis Cultivation Bid Process

Cannafornia marijuana

Germany’s medical cannabis program has experienced tremendous growth over the past year or so. In some ways, the German system has been a victim of its own success as patients have experienced shortages and too high of prices. Thankfully, for many patients, their cannabis is covered by their insurance providers, but prices are still too

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Will France Legalize Cannabis Next?

cannabis bud orange background

Europe’s cannabis laws are changing – though many would argue they are not changing fast enough. However, improvements are being made in two of the subcontinent’s largest countries, Germany and Spain, where medical cannabis was legalized last year in the first, and a long-standing culture of tolerance to cannabis use has manifested into large-scale decriminalization

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