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Leafly: Signs That California Cannabis Legalization Is Surging


It’s no secret that the rollout of California’s cannabis legalization laws has been slow-going. Moving at a cautious speed that has seen the first annual licenses just starting to be issued, the Bureau of Cannabis Control has favored a steady approach. In the BCC’s defense, no regulatory body has yet to deal with as big

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Leafly: What Is #Croptober?

Indoor garden

If you are in the cannabis community, especially in a state that has a great outdoor growing season, then you’ve probably heard about Croptober. Cannabis harvests occur at the end of October and the beginning of November, greatly increasing the supply of cannabis on the market (both regulated and illicit). David Downs covered the #Croptober phenomenon for

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European Parliament Hosts Medical Cannabis Conference


Support for medical cannabis has skyrocketed across the globe in recent years as poll after poll has revealed a supermajority of voters favoring medical marijuana. In yet another sign of the mainstream support of medical use, the European Parliament recently hosted the International Conference on Medical Cannabis in Brussels, Belgium. Prominent European doctors, researchers, advocates

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