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Congratulations and Thank You for Legalizing Cannabis, Canada!

Canadian cannabis flag

October 17, 2018, the long-awaited day that cannabis goes legal across Canada has arrived and the world will never be the same. With all due respect to the great progress made by Uruguay, who helped pave the way for Canada, it can be argued that the Great White North, by permitting regulated sales to tourists

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CBC: Canadian Cannabis Shortage Looms, You Might Still Need Your Dealer

Canada Flag Cannabis

There are many reasons why people support cannabis legalization. For longtime Drug War reformers, keeping nonviolent from unjust and harmful arrests and prison terms top the list. For those that don’t use cannabis, better prioritizing law enforcement resources and capturing tax revenue are a couple of factors. Of course, politicians love creating more jobs and

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Canada, Listen to Henry Rollins and Pardon Cannabis Offenders

Henry Rollins and Alex Rogers

After a locale legalizes, regulates, and taxes cannabis, the economic benefits garner a vast majority of the headlines. Billion dollar business deals, thousands of new jobs, and millions in new revenue capture the attention of entrepreneurs, voters, and elected officials, across the political spectrum. However, for those of us that have been activists fighting the

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Breaking: Canadian Senate Likely to Pass Legalization by Friday

Parliament of Canada

The timing of the International Cannabis Business Conference, where top industry participants from around the globe converge upon Vancouver this June 24th-25th, couldn’t be much better as the Canadian Senate is expected to pass legalization by Friday, potentially making the ICBC the first post-legalization conference in Canada (just a little Royal Assent is needed after parliamentary

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Canadian House Protects Cannabis Home Grows and Branding

Canada House of Commons

When we cannabis legalization advocates were celebrating the Canadian Senate’s vote to end federal prohibition, we had some big problems with a few amendments, namely a provision that would allow provinces to ban home cultivation and another that would outlaw marijuana businesses from branding their companies on products such as t-shirts and caps. Fortunately, Canada’s

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