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Outdoor Growing: Another Canadian Cannabis Innovation Suitable For Export?

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With the news that Health Canada has authorized outdoor cultivation (see Aurora), the entire cultivation conversation has now shifted into interesting new territory. And not just in Canada. Never mind that these first two sites will be used for research (for both indoor and outdoor grown strains). For the first time, since grow operations initiated

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Canada Finalizes Cannabis Edibles, Extracts, & Concentrates Regulations

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Health Canada recently released its final regulations regarding the sale of cannabis-infused edibles, extracts, and concentrates, finally starting to open an expected $2.7 billion dollar business sector this December. Of course, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this September 15-16 will have the latest crucial information and tips for industry participants. Prioritizing public safety,

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Canada Set Record for Cannabis Sales in March, Numbers Should Be Higher

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Canada’s progressive federal policy has given its country’s cannabis companies a huge advantage over global competitors with access to banks, capital, customers and the ability to export. These advantages have made Canadian cannabis companies major world players around the global market. At home, there is both good news and bad news for the burgeoning industry.

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CBC: Canadian Cannabis Shortage Looms, You Might Still Need Your Dealer

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There are many reasons why people support cannabis legalization. For longtime Drug War reformers, keeping nonviolent from unjust and harmful arrests and prison terms top the list. For those that don’t use cannabis, better prioritizing law enforcement resources and capturing tax revenue are a couple of factors. Of course, politicians love creating more jobs and

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Cannabis Packaging Rules Proposed by Health Canada

Health Canada THC warning

The Canadian government has released a new set of temporary regulations following public input, which is meant to guide LPs (licensed producers) with their preparations for legal sales of cannabis, currently set for a July rollout. The rules also set limits for “micro-cultivators”. Like most governing bodies making moves to liberalize cannabis laws, Canada is

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Regulatory Hurdles Hurting Canadian Cannabis Oil Market

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Onerous regulations appear to be negatively impacting the cannabis business growth in Canada. Specifically, current organizational structures may be too strict to allow production to meet demand for cannabis oils and extracts. While the number of applications for cannabis licensing continues to climb, many entrepreneurs are skipping the step of extraction, presumably in a move

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