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Is France Finally Moving Forward on Cannabis Law Reform?

Flag of France

France is the largest country in Europe that has, so far, not moved forward on cannabis law reform. That now may be changing. In mid-December, 2018 a panel of experts set up by the French Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) recommended the authorization of cannabis for medical purposes. On the 27th of December, the ANSM

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A First for Southeast Asia: Thailand Legalizes Medical Cannabis


December 25, Christmas Day, 2018, was a big day for cannabis reform globally. Not only did Israel legalize exports, but Thailand’s legislature also voted unanimously to allow licensed medical use of the drug along with kratom, a locally grown plant used both as a stimulant and painkiller. The move was described as a “New Year’s

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Just in Time to Beat Brexit? UK Producer Gets Danish License.


London-based Indiva has just struck a $2.6 million deal that will give it access to the EU medical cannabis market. Indiva has signed a letter of intent with AEssence Europe, a subsidiary of a California-based hydroponics provider, to acquire a medical cannabis cultivation license in Denmark. Indiva Europe and AEssence will build a research lab

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Canadian Global Dominance Continues, Wayland Invades the UK

cannabis plant

Federal legalization has given Canadian cannabis companies a leg up on the rest of the world and that dominance is spreading further into the United Kingdom. The Canadian cannabis company formerly known as Maricann (i.e. Wayland Group) has just made another European splash. European, technically, at least because the UK is still part of the

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Cannabis-Based Epidiolex Now Available by Prescription

Tilray Cultivation Room

After decades of government propaganda and lies about the medical benefits of cannabis, the U.S. FDA approved the cannabis-based medicine Epidiolex last June and the DEA placed the drug in Schedule V (versus the restrictive Schedule I, still reserved for cannabis itself). GW Pharmaceuticals has now announced that Epidiolex is available to patients in need in

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CBD Offers Opportunities and Risks for the Cannabis Community


Reefer Madness prohibitionists have made numerous ridiculous statements over the years, including the contention that cannabis isn’t medicine, but that cannabis compounds are. While ranting about today’s marijuana, with THC levels over 20%, being so much stronger than that smoked during the Woodstock era, anti-legalization zealots have pushed the synthetic THC drug Marinol on patients, which

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FDA Approves Epidiolex, It’s First Cannabis-Based Medicine

Cannabis plant

It was bound to happen eventually as the United States government couldn’t deny the medicinal benefits of the cannabis forever. While Uncle Sam had previously approved Drobinal, synthetic THC drug, GW Pharmaceutical’s Epidiolex is Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from the actual cannabis plant. The FDA’s approval of the epilepsy/seizure treatment is a somewhat complicated blessing and a

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Legal Cannabis is Coming to the United States…Soon

United States

They say when it rains it pours. In tandem with crazy weather patterns affecting populations across the globe, the cannabis industry is starting to see some precipitation after decades of prohibition-induced drought. Earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an open public comment period asking citizens to weigh in on opinions

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