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Setting The Price For Medical Cannabis In Europe?

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The German government has just announced that it will buy at least 650 kilograms (1,433 pounds) of GMP certified, medical cannabis flower from “domestic producers” who won the tender lots. This means, in other words, that of the three Canadian companies who won the bid (Aurora, Aphria and Wayland/ICC/Demecan), the only domestic production that currently

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A Focus On German Patients: What Do They Still Face?

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At an undisclosed location, somewhere in Bavaria, a group of activists met on the first weekend of November. They were drawn there by their friendships and their long-time struggles to gain access to medical cannabis. All of them were sick. But for all the disabilities, across a range and spectrum of chronic conditions, there was

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The German Cannabis Market Is Projected To Reach $16B By 2028

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Germany is home to the largest legal cannabis market in Europe, which is not surprising given the fact that Germany has the fourth-largest economy on the planet. Germany’s population is more than twice that of the state of California. In addition to Germany’s medical cannabis industry expanding, lawmakers in Germany are reportedly exploring the idea

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Germany Is Exploring Cannabis Legalization Reform

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Uruguay was the first country to legalize cannabis for adult-use, followed by Canada. A Supreme Court ruling in Mexico declared cannabis prohibition unconstitutional in that country, which makes Mexico essentially the third country to legalize cannabis for adult use. Many political observers have speculated that the European nation of Luxembourg will be the next to

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Demecan’s Successful Series A Financing Round Is A Major Milestone For Germany’s Domestic Cannabis Industry

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Germany’s medical cannabis industry is increasing in size with every passing quarter. The profit potential for the nation’s emerging medical cannabis industry is significant considering that Germany is home to the largest economy in Europe and has more than twice the population of California. For obvious reasons, Germany has been a very popular target for

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Tilray’s Portuguese Facility Ships To Germany


In one of the more intriguing cross-European canna developments this summer, Tilray announced its first cross-European shipment. The shipment was estimated to be worth more than $3 million and shipped from Portugal to Germany in late August. The German distributor that Tilray is working with is also of note – Cannamedical, the second indie distributor

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