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French Move Forward On CBD Cultivation

Could hemp become as French as frogs’ legs and brie? It may be a bit too early to break out the champagne, but things are certainly appearing to move on the hemp front in France. According to Le Figaro, the government is coming to an end of its six month plan to reverse the ban on hemp production....

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Open Call For French Medical Cannabis Suppliers

The French government is officially looking for suppliers for its medical cannabis trial. Applications are due by November 24. Applicants may also submit questions until November 18. What The French Are Looking For The government is looking for GMP certified providers who can provide up to 3,000 French...

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Is Cannabis Legalization Moving In France?

A group of French politicians has specifically called for cannabis reform linked to COVID-19 relief efforts in the country. And this is a giant step forward in a country known for dragging its feet on the latter. France is one of the slowest moving reform countries in Europe when it comes to cannabis....

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