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European Commission Presidential Candidate Supports Cannabis Legalization

european union

The nations comprising the European Union have made great strides advancing progressive cannabis policies over recent years, as we’ve seen countries decriminalize personal possession (even allowing limited sales, although in a rather unregulated manner) and legalize medicinal use. However, differing policies, both at the nation and EU level complicates matters for consumers, patients, and industry

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Will Switzerland Soon Start Exporting Cannabis Into Germany and the EU?

Swiss flag

With the news that both the first German bid has concluded and that Macedonia seems poised to import cannabis into the European Union, there has been increased interest in who can import cannabis into Germany, if not the EU and beyond. Could Switzerland become a major source of cannabinoid medications in Europe? The International Cannabis

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EU Lays the Foundation of a Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry

EU Flag

Germany may have set the stage for EU movement on medical cannabis legalization two years ago, but now the rest of the European Union is coming on board. As of January 14, EU officials began a formal study of the health benefits of medical cannabis. This comes on the heels of the European Parliament approving

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Politico: Patients Pushing for Medical Cannabis Across the EU

Medical marijuana doctor

Countries all across Europe have been making great strides in improving their medical cannabis laws, with the UK and Greece being the most recent nations to implement medicinal programs, following in the footsteps Germany and the Netherlands. Luxembourg has raised the stakes by announcing intentions to join Canada and Uruguay as ending cannabis prohibition for

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First U.S. Cannabis Company Authorized To Operate In the EU


November 15th was an interesting day in the European cannabis space. Not only did the German cultivation bid go into another delay, but the first U.S. company finally cracked the European Union market. Columbia Care LLC, a top medical cannabis company based in the U.S. announced that its license had been approved by Malta Enterprise.

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