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What’s Up With Local, Eurocentric Cannabis Production?

cannabis garden

While the big Canadians are taking their beatings there is a new hum of something green and growing afoot in Europe. Namely, with all the buzz in the air about cannabiz business by the Canadians, the Americans, and just about everyone else, European farmers are not waiting things out. The cannabis industry rules are starting

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Cross Border Cannabis Trade In Europe?


The newest announcement that Tilray has arranged the largest cross-European border transfer of medical cannabis to date is cause for celebration for more than just the two firms on either end of the deal. Cannamedical, the second oldest cannabis specialty distribution firm in Germany was on the other end of the deal. The news is

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Ready, Steady, Rec Market Europe?

cannabis leaf

There is a decided trend in Europe this year, driven in large part by frustration if not a political necessity. Recreational cannabis trials are starting to place pins in the map. They may not be large, and in some ways easy to sneeze at. However, the recreational bug has landed in the EU. The dominoes

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2019: The European “Year of Cannabis”

Map of Europe

There are clearly “banner years” for the modern age of cannabis reform that can be marked, by canna-historians, in different regions, states and countries. The turning of the century marked the beginning of constitutional protections for reasonable access to medicinal cannabis for approved patients (see Canada). In the second decade of the century, this watershed

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Germany Is the Next Big Place for Cannabis


With a population of 80.6 million and nearly 140k square miles, the country of Germany is roughly 85% the size of California, and contains over double the population. As medical cannabis laws across Europe become liberalized and attitudes toward adult recreational use continue to soften, Germany is now poised to be the next big thing

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