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Canada Finalizes Cannabis Edibles, Extracts, & Concentrates Regulations

Canadian Flag

Health Canada recently released its final regulations regarding the sale of cannabis-infused edibles, extracts, and concentrates, finally starting to open an expected $2.7 billion dollar business sector this December. Of course, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this September 15-16 will have the latest crucial information and tips for industry participants. Prioritizing public safety,

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Help Wanted: Budtenders, Chefs, and Growers Needed

Cannabis Industry: Help Wanted

While legalizing cannabis is ultimately about freedom for those that have dedicated their lives to the cause, it is obvious that our newfound freedom creates jobs and generates revenue. The new industry provides an opportunity for the cannabis community to enter a business sector at the ground level, with an opportunity for advancement. Canada has

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Canadian Cannabis Companies Need Chefs, Brewers, and More

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It’s already been reported that Canadian cannabis companies preparing for legalization later this year are recruiting skilled extractors and increasing the pay of cultivators. With reports that companies are making edibles, beer, and other infused products to hone their craft in preparation of regulated cannabis commerce, there are opportunities for food and beverage industry workers

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Canadian Cannabis Company Aphria Hiring Extractors

BHO Extract

Recently, Cannabis At Work’s business report detailed the rising salaries for cannabis cultivators in Canada, with quality assurance personnel making an average salary of CA$91,300 and master growers pulling in about CA$79,700. The increased demand (and increased pay) for growers makes sense as companies currently licensed to serve medical patients gear up for the increased

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