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Trump Administration Admits to a “Secret” Cannabis Committee

Trump's War on Cannabis

BuzzFeed News originally revealed the existence of a Trump administration committee to wage a “secret war” on cannabis at the end of August, noting that federal officials were tired of the positive press regarding cannabis legalization and were calling upon various agencies to publish negative news stories. Administration officials initially wouldn’t confirm the committee, but BuzzFeed’s

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Trump Allies Refute Administration’s Secret War on Cannabis

Rubiks Trump

Dominic Holden’s Buzzfeed article revealing that the Donald Trump White House is choreographing a “secret war” on cannabis that calls upon various government agencies to publicize negative stories about marijuana brought out a variety of views. As I blogged, I didn’t think that the news was anything new or surprising as the federal government has been

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Trump’s Secret War on Cannabis Won’t Work

Trump's War on Cannabis

Donald Trump has been on both (or several) sides of the cannabis legalization debate since he announced his run for president. He declared himself supportive of medical cannabis and a believer in states’ rights on adult-use marijuana laws as a candidate. However, Trump’s moderate public stances must be weighed against his selection of Reefer Madness

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