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First German Cannabis Cultivation Bids Announced!


The German medical cannabis system has been an innovative pioneer in a few respects, helping thousands of patients get access to tested medicinal cannabis that is covered by their insurance programs. However, regulatory burdens and the lack of domestic cultivation have hindered the program, increasing prices and decreasing the availability of strains and products. The

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German Cannabis Patients Grow in Numbers, Face Hurdles and Opportunities

cannabis buds

The first International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin coincided with the German government announcing the start of the nation’s medical cannabis program and the ICBC was able to check in with the medicinal system just after the first year of its existence and will be heading back soon after the medical program’s two-year anniversary.

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German Parliament Debating Two Cannabis Law Reform Proposals as DHV Leads the Way


Germany has become a leader in some aspects of cannabis policy, such as providing insurance coverage for medical cannabis through pharmacies, but is lagging in other areas of the law. The European powerhouse is still working through the process of licensing domestic cultivators and you won’t see any cannabis clubs or coffeeshops like those in

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German Cannabis Association Hosting Cannabis Normal! in Berlin this November 16-17

Cannabis Normal!

The German Cannabis Association (Deutscher Hanfverband or DHV) is Germany’s largest lobbying group working to end cannabis prohibition in the European powerhouse. Germany has experienced great success reforming cannabis laws recently, implementing one of the globe’s best medical cannabis system (including insurance coverage!), and the DHV is working hard to continue the momentum with the Cannabis

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German Trade Association Leads the Way for Cannabis Legalization


The German Cannabis Association (Deutscher Hanfverband or DHV) is Germany’s largest lobbying group working to legalize cannabis. Germany has experienced great success, largely decriminalizing cannabis across the nation (although rules vary across the country) and implementing one of the world’s most progressive medical programs, but the DHV isn’t done yet. Led by activist Georg Wurth,

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