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Study Finds That CBD May Offset THC-Induced Anxiety

The cannabis plant is one of the most versatile plants on earth, and quite possibly could be the most versatile plant on the planet. Although, that can prove to be a two-edged sword of sorts, in that when cannabis’ complexities interact with human biology it can yield some undesirable consequences. To...

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Seven Years In Prison For Possessing CBD?

At a time when many parts of the world are trending in the right direction in regards to cannabis policy, Hong Kong is going in the opposite direction. Cannabidiol (CBD) is very popular in Hong Kong, with many CBD-based businesses operating in Hong Kong in recent years. Yet, despite the cannabinoid’s...

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CBD Use Associated With Reduced Tobacco Intake

A question has perplexed cannabis advocates since the dawn of cannabis prohibition – why is tobacco legal and cannabis illegal given how much more harmful tobacco is compared to cannabis? Worldwide, tobacco use is responsible for killing over 7 million people every year. However, cannabinoids...

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