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Exclusive Interview: California Cannabis Czar Talks Regulation

Ending cannabis prohibition is a no-brainer whose time has come. It is obvious that cannabis prohibition is a costly failure that causes too much harm with racist and classist consequences. Regulating cannabis, however, is a much tougher job than just removing criminal penalties, as there isn’t a clear path to the best policies for any…

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High Taxes Rock the Boat for California Dispensaries

Just a few weeks past the rollout of California’s Prop 64, cannabis sales for legal adult use have begun in spurts in counties and municipalities which allow for permitting of such activities. Many cities and counties are still wary of the new law, implementing bans against cannabis operations or strongly restricting availability for such licenses….

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Congratulations, California!


Yesterday ushered in a new era for cannabis with the world’s sixth-largest economy (California) coming online with legal, adult-use cannabis. January 1st marked the first day stores were allowed to sell the product to anyone over the age of 21 without a doctor’s explicit recommendation. I would say that people seem pleased, but the word…

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